Worldwide Sales Figures for the first week of March 2011

1.   Pokemon Black/White versions (ds)                    637,797

2.   Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (psp)          282,992

3.   Killzone 3 (ps3)                                               234,719

4.   Wii Sports (wii)                                               163,030

5.   Fight Night Champion (xbox)                              151,615

6.   Just Dance 2 (xbox)                                         149,764  

7.   Bulletstorm (xbox)                                            138,122

8.   Kinect Adventures (xbox)                                  132,313

9.   RIFT (pc)                                                       127,166

10. Fight Night Champion (ps3)                                124,703


Nintendo DS                                                         215,124        Total (mill.) 146.0   

Nintendo 3DS (japan)                                             209,438        Total (mill.) .6 

Playstation 3                                                        204,350        Total (mill.) 48.5

Xbox 360                                                             183,532        Total (mill.) 52.3

Nintendo Wii                                                         181,554        Total (mill.) 85.6

Playstation Portable                                               167,877        Total (mill.) 66.6


It was a good week for sales numbers. Killzone 3 is selling well but, not as good as most would think based on it's advertising and popularity. Fight Night's first week sales are good for a sports game with a total of 275k. Call of Duty Black Ops didn't make the top 10 but, it's only a few places below, still selling well. Bulletstorm sales for the second week are okay, don't expect it to be in the top 10 for the second week of March. The DS topped the week with it's upgrade coming in second and the PS3 beat out the 360 by 20k. The PS3 actually leads the year so far in sales not by much followed by the DS, Wii and 360. With gaps of around 50k all four selling about the same.

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Oh my...Pokemon B/W outselling by 400,000 copies?  Look's like I need to put down Starcraft for a bit.

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its kind of interesting how a ds game like pokemon sells so well considering its really easy to pirate.

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