Sony E3 Press Conference Highlights

Sony delivered a great all around press conference at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Covering everything from the Playstation Move to 3D gaming to the Sony NGP. Here are just some of the highlights of the press conference.





Uncharted 3- releases 11/1/11 (demo/trailer) playable online portion in its entirety in October by visiting Subway

Resistance 3- releases 09/1/11(demo) sharpshooter Move bundle being released for $150

Infamous 2- releases 06/7/11 (trailer)

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time- releases 2012 (trailer)

Starhawk- releases 2012 (trailer)

Dust 514- releases 2012 (trailer) MMO first person shooter that syncs with PC players

Bioshock Infinite- releases 2012 (trailer) PS3 version will come with original Bioshock included on same disc. Ken Levine announced Bioshock Infinite will have Playstation Move compatibility.

Sony launching 24" 3D HDTV bundle with Resistance 3 and 3D glasses for $499

ICO/Shadow of Collossus HD remastered version announced for PS3, releases this fall for $39.99.

God of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta for PSP announced as HD remastered version for PS3.



Sony NGP officially called the Playstation Vita. The Latin word for life. It will release this holiday season.

Vita will have connectivity with PS3. Begin games on the PSVita and save to a cloud service and load it and play it on PS3.

Vita will have two versions a wifi only version and a 3G/wifi version.

Sony partnering up with AT&T for 3G service.

Wifi version retail price $249.99, 249.99 euros

3G/Wifi retail price $299.99, 299.99 euros



Uncharted Golden Abyss


Street Fighter X Tekken (also on PS3)


Sony's press conference was good but, it was lacking in some areas. The biggest Playstation event that occured this year was the PSN outage and it was lightly talked about by Jack Tretton. He thanked developers and gamers for their loyalty but, didn't mention the welcome back program or if that Sony would further compensate gamers in some way. There was also a lack of anything about the current PSP and PS2, no new games or news were mentioned. It was nice to see that the conference didn't push motion gaming nearly as much as Microsoft's conference.

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I think it's a good thing that Jack didn't rant on for 30 minutes about the PSN breach. It's a smart move to acknowledge the fact that they screwed up, but E3 is about the games first and foremost.

If you think you need to be compensated further for the PSN hack, don't forget that Sony is giving away $50 worth of content to each consumer. That's a lot more generous than most companies would ever give back. In 2007, Microsoft's servers crashed for a couple weeks after Christmas because of the influx of all the new users, and all gamers got in return was an 800 points Arcade title, Carcassonne.

I think Sony's press conference edges out Microsoft's slightly, but only because they had more exclusives. All Microsoft had was some shitty Kinect titles, and most of the other games were multiplatform. I still think motion controls are a gimmick and both companies would have done better to not include Kinect/Move in their presentations.

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Its Dust 514, not Dust 512.

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@Boss Kowbell

I agree, just rip it off like a Band-Aid and move on.

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I actually thought motion gaming looked decent in both conferences. PS was kind of disappointing. To much Vita/motion/3dtvs. Just give me an hour and a half of Uncharted and stuff.

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@Glados 96 thanks I'll fix that.

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