My Computer Got a Virus

So about two hours ago I got the pleasure of being plagued with my first ever attack and infection of some over 30 viruses, spyware etc. I don’t know how I got it, apparently trying to delete a college-prep site account that keeps sending me emails after three years, set off the viruses or I just have extremely bad luck. So what did I do when this presented itself? I somewhat freaked out and got really pissed off. My fucking built in Windows trial of antivirus software did nothing to help me and made things worse. I decided after some minutes of google searching and stupid fucking windows pop ups hitting my screen regarding the viruses, I bought Norton Anti-Virus to see if I could stop and KILL the attack. Fuck me I was wrong, isn’t that great. So I called the tech support for Norton and they, the Indian guy that doesn’t care and has an incredible accent that is so hard to understand, tells me that the Norton virus I just bought is basically useless. It scans my laptop and finds no viruses but, my shitty Windows trial keeps going crazy with viruses.

The viruses were in my computer before the installation causing Norton to perceive my laptop and the infected programs as perfectly fine like a hot girl with flu. So, to recap I got a bunch of viruses from basically nowhere, I was surfing legitimate sites, I wasted 42 dollars and I got no where, just angrier and more annoyed. I feared that my online banking would get attacked by the viruses and I would lose my money. The next course of action was to listen to the guy in India for an hour tell me that viruses had infected a ton of files and that my computer was fucked. This guy works with a separate company that is not Norton Anti-Virus but, apparently does their tech support. After listening to him for around half an hour how my computer is running at 50% he tells me “not a problem sir we have certified technicians that can fix your computer quickly after a quick payment of our technical support service”. That quick payment cost a mere, a tiny, an insignificant $170, that’s $164 for our Canadian friends up north. The small payment covered me for one year, tech support anytime I wanted. This may sound nice but, when the tech support barely speaks English and down talks to you, it’s not that good.This guy had the nerve to tell me about their other packages of 2 and 3 years, that I would save money, fuck off.

Throughout the entire process my Indian friend was controlling my laptop from his end, pointing out how hundreds of temp files were infected and that I should have deleted these months ago. Apparently every time you open a program a temporary file is opened, after a little while they build up and users should delete them. Who does this and who knew about this. After some time and a “small” payment he transferred the control of my screen to his technician who installed and deleted a bunch of things and fixed the problem in about forty-five minutes.

In conclusion, I spent a total of $212 for two hours of panic and frustration. I still don’t know where the fuck I got the viruses from, I lost a bunch of money and I have a fucking essay to write. The irony is I was trying to delete a stupid college-prep account with sensitive, personal and important information and I got attacked with viruses that attack private and sensitive information.

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I understand if you dont want to post this, it's a bit vulgar.

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The typical purpose of an antivirus program is not to stop a virus once it has infiltrated your system, but to stop it from doing so. If a virus does penetrate your computer, antivirus programs are typically the first to go, any good virus will attack the antivirus program and take its virus definitions out of its memory and give it instructions to ignore it.

Typically the best way to get rid of a virus is to do a system restore, this will usually fix your problem, as it has in my case. Having people do it for you for such COSTLY methods probably wasn't the right thing to do...

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The best way to get rid of viruses and shit, is to boot in safemode and to a full scan with MBAM. That's atleast what I do. That way the virus have no way to do anything, but the AV program can do it's job in peace.

System restore.. if you're talking about restoring old settings and stuff (not format), that will never work. It doesn't delete anything. Format is never the best option, but it pretty much always fixes all problems unless hardware related.

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AVG has defended me a countless number of times.

Sucks that this happened to you. I don't think you needed to spend $212 on it though...

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I know how you really got the viruses...

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@rvbfreak I was just worried my banking information would be tapped so I payed the $212, I got a years worth of the service so anytime I want they can clean and optimize my laptop just by taking control over it but, I would of rather not spent the money.

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I might sound like a pretentious prick for saying this, but Norton Anti-Virus is probably the worst Anti-Virus program on the market. It has been proven repeatedly that it cannot detect recently released viruses, but also has some of the most invasive DRM in history, it embeds itself so deep into the system registry that many users simply cannot remove it short of completely wiping their hard drive.

I would also not advise you to do your banking online, since I know at least 3 people who I am fairly good friends with that have had their accounts hacked through keyloggers (which are harder to detect than viruses iirc) and have lost thousands upon thousands of pounds to fraud as a result. It's a nice idea, but the security measures in place on most systems simply aren't sufficient for such a lucrative target.

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The ultimate irony: there is a norton anti-virus ad on this page.

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