2010's Most Overlooked Videogames

2010 was a pretty good year for videogames and there were a number of videogames that were overshadowed by the big budget titles like Halo Reach, Assassins Creed and of course Call of Duty. It’s sad that some games never get played due to having smaller budgets and tiny advertising campaigns. Here’s a list of a few that I believe were overlooked, passed on or just didn’t receive the recognition they deserved. I haven’t played all of these, some I own, some I only played the demo and others I only know through watching trailers and reading reviews.


Alien Swarm: A free game available through Steam with achievements and multiplayer. Team up with friends and go kill some aliens, in this free 3rd person adventure shooter. Did I mention it’s free.


Enslaved Odyssey to the West: I played the demo and was intrigued by the fun combat and nice visuals along with the small bit of story that was presented. It does have annoying camera problems though.


Heavy Rain: A PS3 exclusive that isn’t like any game you’ve played before. An interactive experience with near real world visuals and choices that affect you personally. This isn’t another adventure game or shooter it’s something you owe yourself to play if you’re a gamer.


MAG: This ps3 exclusive, online only, first person shooter may look like the rest of the other FPS’s out there except it has one big difference…it supports 256 players. It’s gotten some average scores but, it has a good ranking/rewards system and it’s only $30.


Yakuza 3: A brawler and rpg that came out in 2009 in only Japan but, after some persuasive fan service it got released outside Japan in 2010. I own this game and i don’t regret buying it. It a lengthy story that at times can drag but, by the end it’s all worth it. Plus it has some awesome street fighting and many sidequests and minigames to keep you busy. A good way to get yourself briefed on the series, before its 4th installment comes out next month.


Vanquish: Based on the demo, a bunch of robots are trying to kill you and you have guns. That doesn’t sell you? It has nice visuals, lots of stuff on the screen exploding and shooting and you can enter slow motion. Sounds like just some plain, crazy fun, I’m in.


F1 2010: Formula one games aren’t very popular but, this one seemed to have grabbed more people than most previous F1 games. It has really nice graphics and it’s very customizable and seems like an accurate and fun F1 sim. F1 World Grand Prix for N64 was decently fun even today so, I imagine after 12 years that F1 games have become consistently better. I’m interested.


Limbo: A downloadable game exclusive to Xbox 360. It’s a 2d platformer that looks dark and abstract and has one numerous awards like “Best Downloadable Game” and “Best Indie Game”. Now I just wish I had an Xbox 360. :/

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I have only played heavy rain and it was meh. It is hard to spend money on these games when there are so many must haves like COD or ASSASS that you feel obligated to play. I might pick enslaved up when I have some time.

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COD is the same more or less every year, these games are all marked down now, most are $30 or less now.

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Alien Swarm free download

Way to be the first person to upload a teaser image and not use the default :) It really makes the post stand out on the /Blogs list.

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Enslaved was a great game.  Too bad not many people bought it.  Highly recommend it.

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@beerbaron really im the first? I figured someone had already donw that already. I didn't realize how recent the teaser update was implemented.

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