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The Simpsons have been around for over 20 years and have accumulated a massive global following. With over 500 episodes and counting they have become a pop culture icon and have become one of the best animated TV shows of all time. 23 seasons of the Simpsons have aired, but sadly only a little over half of those seasons have been released on DVD and even more depressing is that they do not stream the the show anywhere online. Hulu shows a few of the more recent episodes, but there is still no full online catalog for all the die hard Simpsons fans to burn through.

I propose that The Simpsons have their own dedicated streaming service. While this may sound a bit insane, a streaming service for just one TV show, if it were to work and be successful it would have to be with The Simpsons. It probably wouldn’t work with any other TV show, it might work with iconic Simpsons however. Think about it, how many TV shows have been running for over 20 years, have  expanded to almost every realm of entertainment: toys, films, video games etc. and have a global following that reaches almost every demographic. Frankly none that I cant think of except for the iconic Simpsons. I think it is a brilliant idea to create some sort of streaming service so people can watch all the Simpsons episodes anytime they want. I would be comfortable paying ten to fifteen dollars a month to have the ability to watch any episode I want in HD on my TV or computer. I would even pay an extra five dollars if audio commentaries were included for each season.

There is a big enough fan base worldwide that loves The Simpsons or grew up with it to make this streaming idea viable. It is difficult for fans to watch older episodes if they don’t already own the season box sets, so a streaming idea would benefit them greatly. This could only help grow the Simpsons brand and attract fresh viewers or even bring back fans who gave up watching years ago after the quality of The Simpsons began to deteriorate, but that is debatable. I write this more as a wild dream from a fan’s point of view than a potential prediction, since TV show executives, especially at Fox, generally don’t know what to do when it comes to managing TV shows. Just look at what happened to Futurama and Family Guy. While I would accept it if the entire series was remastered and released on blu-ray I still believe a streaming service would be a quicker and more profitable way to go. I do want to see the Simpsons remastered, but I know that would be very expensive to buy and would take so many years to complete based on the current pace of the DVD box sets. I know this streaming idea is very very unlikely, but a Simpsons fan can dream right.

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How much would you pay for a Simpsons only streaming service? I'm sure the reason The Simpsons aren't available to stream anywhere right now is because the DVD sets are still selling incredibly well.

I doubt a Simpsons only streaming service would get much traction, but I could see a Fox Animation service getting a TON of attention. The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Futurama and all their odd 1 season failures would be a very compelling paid service.

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@johntarrjr fox animation service, we can hope because I want to watch the Simpsons legally in good quality.

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