The Dark Night Rises Review

Verdict: Go watch it, now, right now!

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I completely agree I love all of Christopher Nolan's movies. They involve amazing acting while twisting edge of your seat action. I thought it was odd that Talia was just rushed in at the end of the movie. They packed a lot of twists into around 10 minutes which is a sloppy mistake. The story was great and laid out perfectly. And I hope to see JGL as Robin he would make a great one! I went to the movie twice, once opening day and other sunday morning. During it they did hint at a bit of Blake being Robin. As an example towards the middle when Bane is reading off what Commissioner Gordon wrote about Harvey Gordon said at one point to Blake " He can't do this alone, he needs someone else to help him.'' And towards the end when batman blew the tunnel to free the cops he says to Blake "If you are going to be doing things like this you should wear a mask." But I agree that they didn't give any clues that she was Talia. I didn't mind it was long If the story is intriguing and the action is thrilling sign me up! Great summary of the movie and I agree with you in 100% great movie and a great end to the trilogy. But I personally like the Dark Knight more then Dark Knight Rises.

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@conboydude I completely agree with your comment. I particularly liked Bane's voice which I didn't mention. Joker and Bane must be some of best villains in film history.

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