Metal Gear Online R.I.P. 2008-2012

8 days ago Konami, the publisher of the Metal Gear Solid series officially announced that it will be terminating its long running online portion of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots known as Metal gear Online, on June 12, 2012. This is would be the fourth anniversary of Metal Gear Online and Metal Gear Solid 4, but sadly it will be turned off for good. Metal Gear Solid 4 exclusively for Playstation 3 sold millions of copies and MGO has had over 1.3 million members in its nearly four long years of service. It is sad to see such a long online service come to an end but, I am glad that Konami has been this good to its loyal fans for keeping the servers up for 4 years even though amount of consistent daily players has dropped significantly.

I personally have been playing on and off since the release of Metal gear Solid 4 and have become a big fan of the online component. If you have been playing as long as I have you know how glitchy and fun MGO was in the beginning and how it has evolved to a decent online multiplayer that Metal gear Solid fans love even with its flaws. Memorizing and learning how to get headshots immediately after a front roll was so annoying, unique, tested your reaction speed but, sometimes was insanely fun and gratifying. Even to this day kills are defined by the speed players have to nail headshots, double kills are a good way to measure how equally skilled you are to an opposing player. MGO has been overlooked by the majority of the gamers but, has always retained some hardore players who are sometimes very friendly sometimes complete assholes and it seems like everyone HATES deahmatch one of the best match types for some reason. The game is very team based and great to play with some friends if you are crazy of checking it out.

With the end coming soon Konami has shown some love for its fans by giving away all its expansion packs and reward shop items for free starting on April 24th, something Activision and EA would NEVER do. I’m glad that Konami and Kojima Productions the developer of Metal Gear Solid care about their fans but, I’m still sad that MGO is coming to a close. I personally have spent over 100 hours playing it and hope to double that by June 12th. Konami stated in it’s press release:

"The service was originally intended to have a life span of 3 years. However, out of respect for our loyal fans, we have continually pushed back this deadline in order to support our online community.

Nevertheless, we have regretfully come to a point where players have experienced all that this iteration of Metal Gear Online is able to offer. Therefore, it saddens us to announce that we have decided to end online service with the upcoming fourth anniversary of online service. We would like to apologize to all of the users who are currently enjoying the Online Service for this title, and kindly ask for your understanding.

All of the staff involved would like to offer our deepest thanks for the support we've gotten since launch. Thank you for coming with us on this journey. Your help allowed MGO to grow and mature. We regret that this journey must end, but we sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the future."

I hope to see more people play some MGO before its servers are shut down I know I will be on. I happily invite anyone to play some games with me and enjoy this underrated and hidden pleasure in gaming. I guess the Mayans were right it was going to end in 2012 and I had no idea.

Link to the Official Konami Press release.