Grand Theft Auto V Announced

Yesterday developer and publisher Rockstar Games officially announced Grand Theft Auto V on their website homepage. A giant image appeared with the title Grand Theft Auto and an artistic roman numeral for the number five. It’s funny that Rockstar chose to announce it on the day of the release of one of the biggest video games of the year, Battlefield 3. I personally care more about Grand Theft Auto V than Battlefield 3, too bad it’s just been announced not released. The Rockstar homepage also has a timer for the release of a trailer on November 2. It’s good to see Rockstar finally release some official news on the long rumored GTA V since, Grand Theft Auto III just reached its tenth anniversary. While a port of GTA III to the ipad, iphone and some android devices is good and all, most gamers would rather get their hands on GTA V.

With the past few years video games focusing mostly on shooters it’s good to see something exciting and new come out of the horizon. I think some people forget that three years ago Grand Theft Auto IV held the record for largest single day sales and 7 day sales records on their launch for any video game ever until Modern Warfare 2 surpassed it and then was surpassed by Call of Duty Black Ops. I’m excited and I’ll be keeping up to date with the news on GTA V until its release probably sometime during the holidays next year. I am also putting my reputation on the line by saying GTA V WILL beat Call of Duty’s record sales in number of copies and revenue.

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