Four Gamers in the Alleyway Podcast

Tuesday 11/29 at 7:30pm Eastern the first official Four Gamers in the Alleyway podcast will be airing live on justintv. Join Fratasticvoyage, RVBfreak, Brodyitis and R3b3link on their journey of trying to achieve some type of entertaining gaming podcast. Nothing is set in stone but assume discussions regarding gaming, tech, movies and anything else in the media genre along with hopefully many funny antics peppered in. Hope to see you there.

brodyitis's picture

If any of you guys can come up with some art for the podcast page, than PM me on the site. I was thinking it should be something like King of the Hill when they are drinking in the ally. Any submissions will get a mention on the podcast.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Well if i go on it wont the name have to be changed, or will i be like the creepy uncle.

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