Battlefield 3 Fight for Freedom Trailer

I made this trailer with Sony Vegas in HD but, for some couldn't upload it to youtube in HD so, I had Sony Vegas directly upload it and for some reason the quality is not HD. I apologize for the quality, if anyone knows how to prevent this next time let me know.

brodyitis's picture

I enjoyed the trailer. Some of what's being said doesn't match up with what's going on, but I like the premise.

John Tarr's picture

Needs more action early on, but I like the concept. Reminds me of the original Army of Two trailer (that's a good thing).

Grog101's picture

forgive my ignorance, but i must ask who and what is that speech from. (something about the cold war?)

explicit_baron's picture

It's Ronald Reagan, The U.S. president from the 1980's. I believe it's a speech against the Soviet Union, late in the Cold war.

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