Battlefield 3 Beta it WAS a Success

The results are in the Battlefield 3 beta was a monster of of a success. Yesterday developer of Battlefield 3, DICE, released a quick overview of the beta stats. A staggering 8,125,310 played the beta across the all consoles PC, PS3 and 360. 47 billion shots were fired compared to 23 billion in the Halo Reach beta. An Incredible 1.5 billion kills were made that’s more than the Halo Reach and Gear of War 3 betas combined. Even though those games are not multiplatform they are hugely popular on the 360 so, Battlefield’s stats are still very impressive. 19 million dog tags were attained by knifing people, 21 million M-COM stations were destroyed and perhaps the coolest stat is the longest headshot, it was 635.6 meters, that’s more than the 2nd tallest building in the world the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower.

Based on these stats it is no surprise many people will be picking up the game. Even with numerous people hating the beta and criticizing it, it was still a major success and at least some people like it. I did not expect this many people to play the beta and for this long and I’m happy to see that I was not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats to DICE on the beta as well as the gamers. Lets hope they will use all the data gathered to help improve the multiplayer experience for the release of Battlefield 3 next week, 7 days and counting.

Gamer’s thoughts on the beta


R3b3LiNK – youtuber, veteran of FPS genre "The beta was probably the best gateway drug to get me hooked on Battlefield series...and kick my old MW/COD habit cold turkey."

rvbfreak – guide/walkthrough maker "I think if they get rid of the many glitches(like falling into the floor) it will be a game of the year contender."

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I wasn't planning on getting BF3 because I was still having fun with Bad Company 2, but after playing the Beta I decided to get BF3.

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Yes... This game truly needs to be fixed... the problems were hella irritating! I am preordering it almost exclusively for single player especially after the beta. The Beta pretty much just showed off how unpolished the multiplayer was!! But of course all they need to do is fix it and bam... game of the year!

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I was a little apprehensive to play Battlefield at first because I've heard so many things about it. Now I absolutely cannot wait to play this at launch. This game might just have what it takes to take the running juggernaut that is Call Of Duty down for good. See you all on soon. 

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