5 Hyped Games of 2011 That Did Deliver

So far this year has seen a nice amount of decent games, now that we're hitting the busy holiday season of numerous giant as well as small titles hitting the stores it is a good time to look back at this past year. While many games were hyped by gamers, the press and trailers, few delivered. Games like Duke Nukem Forever, Homefront and Socom 4 just didn't achieve what gamer's were expecting. I have chosen 5 titles that were hyped and expected to be great games that actually achieved those expectations. I have not played all these games but, from reading reviews, articles and watching videos I think these are the best five so far (up until October). The next few weeks will undoubtedly add more to the list of fantastic games of 2011.

Dead Space 2- This sequel continues the scary and intense survival horror experience that looks too scary for me to play.

Portal 2- Another sequel that has improved on the previous game in so many levels, with more content and more elaborate levels this game truly achieved its high expectations.

Mortal Kombat- Finally a Mortal Kombat based on the gruesome PS1 originals, bringing back the old school, gory arcade fighting never looked and felt so good.

Gears of War 3- One of the crowning jewels of Xbox finally gets its release and is overwhelmingly well received and brings more Gears of War action than previous games.

Battlefield 3- My favorite game of the year so far and in my opinion the best multiplayer hands down, Battlefield 3 promised fantastic visuals and superb multiplayer and realism and delivered just that, one of the best shooters out there.

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I think I woulda waited until Skyrim and Skyward Sword came out, but good list either way.

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I must say I fully agree with this list. Although, I would have put Batman: Arkham City on my list instead of Battlefield 3.

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I haven't been able to buy many games this year but Arkham City sure as hell surpassed my expectations

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All I've purchased that has come out this year is battlefield 3 and I'll be receiving the MGS HD Collection. Two fantastic games.

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I might have liked BF3 if it ran on my PC at more than 10 frames per second on low with no v-sync. Oh well good list, but I agree with Boss, Batman is one of my favorite games this year.

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I completely agree with this whole list, except for the last two based on the sole fact that I haven't been able to play them yet.

Dead Space 2 was an amazing game and probably one of my favourites so far of this year, it kept up with its horror roots, and amazing story. It's also great to know that the ending leaves it open for another game - one which I hope is just as amazing. (Also Dead Space 3 is also rumoured to be true, so we'll be seeing that soon hopefully)

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