eMailbag Monday July 22nd, 2013 - High School vs. College

Mihir P sent us a bunch of questions regarding our high school vs college scholastic experiences.



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Here is today's email:

Hello John, I've been a fan of your site ever since 2009 and I was wondering if you could help me with a project of mine. I'm from the Maryland area and am currently enrolled in a summer class at American University. My project concerns high school and whether or not it really prepares students for college, and knowing that you're a proud college drop-out, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me document your opinion on the subject. These are a few of my questions, feel free to leave out any information you're not comfortable sharing, because I will most likely publish your quotes in an article an ""
-How did you preform in high school? (GPA, etc.)
-How did you preform in college?
-What was the classroom atmosphere like in high school? How do you think it differed from the college atmosphere?
-How does the stress of college differ from that of high school?
-Did you use any of the skills you picked up in high school in college?
-What caused you to drop out of college? Do you think that your high school education had anything to do with that decision?
-Where did you attend high school?
-Do you think high school prepared you for college?*
-What is your overall opinion on your high school education?
Thanks a lot, any help would be greatly appreciated. Game on.

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Scumbagb3n's picture

School was depressing as shit for me. I recall people telling me that I would miss school when I started work but full-time work now is far less stressful and takes up fewer hours in the week than school.

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My sister goes to American University, its a pretty good school in DC. Their mascot is the Eagle and their colors are red, white, and blue. You cant get much more American than that.

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Just graduated High School and what I've gotten out of it is high school teaches you how to take standardized tests. What "school" was meant to be was a place where you learn and express your ideas and imagination, but all that has changed due to all the government and union BS. Schools get better funding based on how well they do on the state's standardized test, CAPT for Connecticut, and so curriculum nowadays are focused on boosting scores rather than on the students. 


Besides that, what I got out of high school is how to cheat, maintain decent grades so my parents don't flip out, and get hammered at parties. 

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