Top 10 Games of 2011 (Xbox 360)

Game                                                                                  Metacritic

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim                                           96/100      

Pros :  -    Incomparable detail in world 

             -    Main and Side quests are interesting and meaningful

Cons:  - Melee combat sucks ass

             - Loads can become interfering



2. Dark Souls                                                                       89/100

Pros: - Stellar combat system

           - RPG enthusiasts will thrive on the difficulty

Cons: -Framerate is inconsistent 

            - Persnickety lock-on

            -  Casual gamers may struggle to progress   



3. Portal 2                                                                                            95/100

Pros: - Single and co-op modes are fun

            - Great writing and voice acting

             - Awesome soundtrack

Cons:  - Don't buy the game if you don't like puzzle games

             - Might be difficult for people who haven't played the first portal game


4. Batman: Arkham City                                                                94/100

Pros: - Polished gameplay and useful gadgets give the player an incredible number of options to take down opponents.

Cons: - Some of the advanced augmented reality gliding missions are nearly impossible



5. Battlefield 3                                                                                     84/100

Pros: - Open world multiplayer maps

           - HD texture is gorgeous

Cons: - Does little to teach you the basics for multiplayer and co-op such as flying jets and  helicopters 

            - Single player can be a little better




 6. Saints row: The Third                                                                           84/100

Pros: - Likeable characters

           - Whored mode is insanely fun

           - Dood music

           - Didlo bat is awesome

Cons: - No liquor stores unlike in the previous games

            - Easily offended gamers are going to crucify this game  




7. Modern Warfare 3                                                                         88/100

Pros: - Spec ops is better and much harder

           - Survival mode is rewarding

Cons: - Single player is long and boring

            - Nothing really new



8. Gears of war 3                                                                       91/100

Pros: -  Combat dialed to perfection

           -  Unreal Engine is out-of-control beautiful 

Cons: - Story doesn't quite live up to the "Brothers to the End" hype  

            - Supporting characters should be seen and not heard


9. Dead space 2                                                     90/100

Pros: - An immersive blend of creepiness and outright horror, paced perfectly  

           - leaves you satisfied and eager for more

Cons: - Story occasionally feels repetitive 

            - Don't buy the game if you are a pussy




10. Mortal Kombat                                                             86/100

Pros: - Genre-leading story mode structure

           - Great list of characters

Cons: - Boss fights can make you want to throw controller   






MarioDragon's picture

I could have sworn MW3's single player timer said I beat it in 4 and a half hours on Regular, which seems incredibly short...

counterdelta55's picture

Yea but I played on veatren

Dan Broadbent's picture

What, no L.A. Noire?

counterdelta55's picture

Didn't you hated that game and said it shouldn't be in the top 10

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  • Persnickety lock-on

Persnickety is a GREAT word 

  • Casual gamers may struggle to progress

Read: casual gamers WILL struggle to progress and break at least one controller. Hardcore gamers will have an amazing time.

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but overall how did i do

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