Silent Hill Downpour Review (short)


The gameplay was bland and a snooze fest, besides the short scares I found the pattern of the click of my clock to be a more exciting event. The cutscenes are nothing more out of a summer horror flick, cheesy and poor quality. But the good things of this game, are eery open environment making you paranoid to keep your eyes sharp. In the core of the combat felt stale, weak, and repetitive. After awhile it seems the long road, when running is the more suitable way to make your stay in the town go a tad faster.

Better than raccoon city right? 


like any traditional Silent Hill game, a lone person with a haunting past find themselves in a literal hell on earth. An interesting story...but I feel I have seen this before seven other times! The story always seems the same. The twists at the end are just as guessable as the last. At the end of this I got a bit of a "Moving the island"  feel to it. Sure the twists are clever but they could take a new route on the games even bringing the reason of ''Water" to importance. 



Doesn't it just look inviting?



Decent combat, awkward placement of the controls has me finding myself hastily tapping the wrong button. The dodge system and block seems incredibly broken just keep hitting them hoping they hit zero before you. The aiming of the gun worked surprisingly well, a few bugs but makes up for most of the hand to hand frustration.


this where the phrase "you're fucked" comes in 

Final Verdict:

The game is slightly entertaining, it would of been better off released in the midst of summer. Not to many games in that area making gamer's very thrilled of this title. No matter the things that wreck this game it is still exceptionally a good time. Silent Hill Downpour gets a three out of five.



Publisher: Konami 

Developer: Vatra Games

Release Date: March 13, 2012

Number of Players: 1

Platforms: PS3 (tested), Xbox

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Interesting style of exposition and straight to the point. A bit of proofreading would still be nice though, I noticed a few very easy to fix grammar errors without looking very hard. 

I guess I'll be skipping this game, thanks for the review!

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