Red Faction: Armageddon

The Good:   This game is fun as well as distributes what the Red Faction franchise consistently give the abilty to virtually destroy anything put a plus in this game is you have a new tool to which you can recreate anything you destroy and with the surplus of new eapons you wont get bored with the fire arms.  This game also delievers a well done story against Hale who tricked you into opening a door type thing that released a hoarde of bugs on the people of mars. The controlls feel nice and the graphics are very well polished and the voice acting is alright. The time of the game is around 6 to 8 hours the enemys are easy to kill and not to hard this game is pretty good so far!

 The Bad:  This game is not free world like the previous game was which in my case is big dissapointment I like to drive around destroying everything!  and another bad thing is the game is almost intierly inside the story seems to be trying to hard to be entertaining but the gameplay is good. Sometimes the GPS would just lead me in circles if i didnt press select for the arrow GPS. the enemys didnt seem hard enough just a couple machinegun shots and they were down and sometimes they would over do the amount of enemys within one area!

The Final Vertic: I give this game  7.5

For Red Faction fans and everyone else: For sure rent this game

this game doesnt bring the creative side o f gaming that this franchise always brought us if your looking for a fun creative Red Faction game just stick with Geurrila and you are absolutely missing nothing if you dont play online!

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