Rage Easter Eggs

         This title Rage was released about a week ago, there are already a handful of Easter-eggs found. Even one that was found by Dan and John, (not "found" but recognized to be found by them.) I have made a list and locations of these Easter eggs, and this game being from the guys that brought us Doom, Quake, and others we are in for a treat. And when you find these Easter-eggs make sure you take what was found they sell for a good amount at the shops.

Wolfenstein: When you are doing your first missions you are sent to a hideout. This hideout being the Ghost Bandit's, (you can only get this during the mission.) When they take you to the kill room after healing yourself  you will walk in a short hall into a little room with a bandit walking. After taking him out you come into a big open area with the back wall blown off. Proceed to take out all bandits, from the  entrance walk forward take a right past two couches into a dim area. You will see a burning stick on your right and on the wall in front of you. You will see a small picture and to the right is a flat screen TV on the left of the TV is a blank wall interact with it. It should open to a bright blue door open and you will find yourself in Wolfenstein. walk down the hall and is a Wolf Goblet, it sells in the store for $150.

Seems legit. 


Doom: This one takes place way later in the game. When you are in Subway Town, The gear-head vault mission. (This can be done during the mission) you will enter the bank offices. There are seven computers with keyboards, you need to interact with them all each time you with hear a sound effect. Once completed there with be a roar, then go back to the very beginning of the level. Next to the exit sign is a burning barrel and a door blocked by boxes, if done correctly you can open the door. When you do it will be a small room with Doom graphics. You jump on the barrel onto the boxes blocking the door and crouch into the room. in the middle is a small pressure plate, step on it brings you to a Doom graphic room with old music playing go to the stairs and at the top will be a space marine bobble-head.  They sell at the store for $150. You might recognize this from the very start of the game in Dan's car. 

          Another one to the collection,alright!!!!


   Quake: This Easter Egg is done during your second big mission. (This can not be done during the mission) I just walked out and walked right back in. This next video is from Dan and John's drink along for the game.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bDlltOGBab8  skip to 6:45 for the beginning of the finding. Make sure you pick up the "Shambler Plush" it sells for $150 at the store. 


        Doom 3 Shirt: This is an Easter egg with a guy named Crazy Joe. You have to get to his shack and when you meet him he his wearing a Doom 3 shirt. The way to get to his shack (from wellsprings), First you go the left route stick to the left wall, if you do so you will come to a long highway. Go down that all the way, take the first right you can a left right after that. you should come to a stop from a bridge get out of your vehicle and to your left should be a small shack. Go inside of it and Crazy Joe is wearing a Doom 3 shirt!!

It was that or a Call of Duty 35 shirt!


Bobble-Heads: There are three bobble heads found in the game One being a Vault-Boy bobble-head from the game series Fallout. Another being a space marine bobble head from the Doom room in the gear head quest and Dan's dashboard. And the last being in Mayor Red stone's office, it's a bobble-head of Blake Griffin. The player from the LA Clippers, each bobble-head is worth $150.


Developer Graffiti: You can get this by going just outside of subway town. (You get a side-quest from Dietrich, he is right next to the management office. So take the quest go to the Abandoned Distillery and enter it. When you enter a large room with stills in it. you head to the back wall and you should see a ladder, go down it follow the little tunnel till you get to an opening. There will be a bed and behind it is a valve, interact with the valve and go back up the ladder. When you get up the ladder turn right immediately coming to a small opening in a door crouch through it and you will see "id"  made out of garbage, and you will also get the achievement  "Dev  Graffiti." 


Breaking Bad Reference: I found this Easter-egg from Dan and Johns drink along, here is the video of Tuco's grill from Breaking Bad.

 I myself do not watch Breaking Bad, But very cool Easter-egg I must say!


Rage 2 and Doom 5???: This is an Easter-egg right when you enter the Dead City to your left there is an open door and on it is a sign that reads "50% less!!! on Rage 2, Doom 5." Could this be telling us they are to release another Rage already in process and Doom 5????? look for your self!!!

Like it matters in a apocalyptic wasteland....YES


This game is full of Easter-eggs probably more than Duke Nukem These Easter-eggs were well hidden and some involving puzzling finds this game is the type of game I love spending time to give what us gamer's will take time and like how they know we would recognize a  random quote from another movie or game this is the type of stuff that makes me love coming back and looking into this in great depth!!! 

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I love a game with good easter eggs. I never bother to look for them myself, but they make for some very entertaining youtube videos.

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Don't forget the LOST reference that even I missed during our Drink Along

4 8 15 16 23 42 (jump to 9:30 in the video)

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Ahhh, yes thanks John!

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need a doom 4 first don't they?

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Good point, @Aaronbrownie

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