Gotham City Impostors Review


Gotham City Impostors is a FPS that brings a lively fun aspect to jumping around and tea-baging your opponents. In this game you play a Batman or Joker wannabe, bringing a bit dirtier justice to Gotham City. Loading yourself stylishly dressed and packed to the teeth with weapons you fight your way to bring Gotham up or let the ass-clowns of the city rule it. As you start playing the game you will notice your teammates gliding over your head, grappling through the air or rocketing off a ramp. There is no glitch in the  Matrix, but a very creative aspect to this game that the creators should be proud of. You are given gadgets that give you a easier way to get around the map and evade your enemies. Such as the glider that allows you to glide over the map, grapple hook that shoots to the nearest wall and swings you over. Or a nice pair of roller-skates that ramp you across the map.  And very well placed objects in the environment that allow you to do so. And this game gives you a great deal of comedy to it that is actually genuinely funny  that put a great grin on my face during my play time.        



The combat works surprisingly well for this. Your not stocked with the life span of a MW3 character, But a very nice amount of life that gives you an actual chance if your enemy gets you in his cross hairs before you can react. And I really smooth part of this is that the bulkier type person you choose may give you a substantial amount of health but makes you a way slower and easier to pick off target. Unlike being the thinner more acrobatic character will lower health but makes you harder to hit is a great way to level the playing field. The health and life aspect of the game is well put together, where if you get injured you can sprint your way back to one of the "life/ammo stations" that replenish your health and your ammo supply. Or if your to caught in the heat of the battle you can wait to have your health regenerate over time but it is a way slower process. The weapons in this are not over powered, where using a rocket launcher won't differ from a assault rifle, but the distance away from the target will do so.




The customizing in this is a great stand point in what the game has to offer. giving your alter ego an appealing look. You can customize from head to toe with this layout, and it differs giving you different  options for the bat or the joker goon. Giving him a cardboard cut-out batman helm to a mexican face-paint on the joker side of things. And the way you get all of these luxuries is for playing in a round you get  costume coins which are money in which you use to buy clothing items for them.   The customizing for the weapons aren't differing from any-other formal online shooter, giving you the mods on your weapons to the skins on it.  Or things that help you in game on your different  custom load outs.  And the lobby call-signs title and emblem that we all see which at this point is just repetitive. But something that I have never seen before is the gangs you can join, for each map in the game is a gang that owns that territory so playing in the amusement park map you are in Carnie territory.  And by playing very good in that map over and over the gang will try to recruit you,  which means that if you accept you will get more XP and reputation points for playing in that map and playing good in that map which is a unique great part of the game I really enjoyed.

The Cons:

It may bring you a great deal of fun but the difficulties in this game are noticeable ugly. One of my biggest wrongs going into this game are the match making difficulties where I was a level 4 against a whole team of people that are ranging from 35-60 and it would just make that round not a great time. Another thing I would have a hard time with was when I would be doing very good on a match and we are way ahead people would leave and it would be down to one person on the opposite team, usually this isn't a problem but people cannot join in matches that have already begun which becomes an utter shit-show! And when I first purchased this game I would sit in a lobby for a good 5-10 minutes waiting for a game which seemed a bit irritating to me but most of these problems will be fixed soon with a DLC they are releasing  for the nice price of free! It is said to contain patches in the long lobby waiting periods and the people joining in when a match has begun, and a new map, character upgrades and weapons.

Extra Info:

This game comes with 5 types of playing Fumigation which is a domination type play, Team Death Match which is your traditional 6 vs. 6 fight for 50 kills. Challenge mode which gives you XP for completing challenges dealing with the items you are given in the game, Psych Warfare is a capture the flag hooking up a battery to a machine that in time makes your enemies mindless zombies wandering trying to slap you for 15 seconds. And the Initiation which is a quick tutorial that I still find myself replaying for the humor and overall fun of it.

The you can find this game on the Play Station Network for 14.99 or on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS points.

Final Verdict


Everybody try the 1 hour free trail or hardcore batman fans buy it for sure.

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Good thing you got the Free DLC Fix into the Review.

Game looks Silly as hell with Tons of fun to be had.

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Good review conboy. I really enjoyed what I played of the Gotham City Imposters demo, but I experienced the same cons you did with the very limited amount of time I spent playing it on the PS3, which was a huge turnoff.

I was a level 4 against a whole team of people that are ranging from 35-60

Sounds like MW3...

You did a good job getting your points across, but I feel like your sentence structure was a little disjointed and did not flow very well. A bit of proofreading can go a long way; try reading your work out loud and see how it sounds. I swear I'm not trying to sound like an English teacher, just trying to give constructive criticism :)

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No disrespect I completely agree, I was in a rush getting the review done.( I'm not trying to make excuse ,) and I did notice the writing didn't seem to flow as much as the beginning paragraph. And when buying this game I would play a long amount, take a break then come back and the game didn't register that I BOUGHT IT. And it would take me back to the trail mode and completely reset all my stats. Going to the forums for help I came to see hundreds of people have had this problem on the PS3, Which then the administrator gave us tips to get the game back on track. The main reason I give the creators a huge amount of respect is that they note all of these issues and get off there asses and take care of them. And next time a write which will be within a few weeks with a Twisted Metal review, I will take my time and fluently re-read and make it an enjoyable review.

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