Games to play again.

The first game on the list is Metal Gear Solid. this game was released for the PlayStation in 1998, the ones who published it is known as Konami. They also made Dance Dance Revolution franchise, the two Saw games, and game which is to release this winter Silent Hill:Downpour. This game was set on the list because of making the genre of stealth alive in the gaming industry basically. Famous for its great dialogue and its infamous cutscenes this is a game you have to play again.


The next game on the list nobody should be surprised about, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  This game was our childhood if didn't play Zelda you didn't have taste in games!  This game was published by Nintendo, released in 1998, it was for the N64. This was a big step for Zelda series in general, because this is the first Zelda game to be in 3D and from all the positive feed back they knew there change was right! From all the fame of the game they released a new copy for the 3ds. This game made a epic change in gaming history forever, So obliviously you should keep playing over, and over, and over again.


The 3rd game is Super Mario 64, This game was also from Nintendo and again for the N64 this game was released in 1996 this game at the time was a huge break through for gaming it self because this was one of the games that made 3d gaming famous and made more game developers to want to go to this style of video gaming. We can all thank this game this game carved a big fricken piece into gaming history and its free camera really also put a toll on games to just like Zelda this was one of the first Mario games to be 3D if not the first. Now if your into a Mexican plumber made by Japanese played by all then you are in for a treat my friend, cause this game is just enough to play again.


The next one is Sonic The Hedgehog, this game was published by Sega and released in 1991 little did they know that what they started here would soon become a very famous game series. We all remember stopping Dr.Eggman from getting the chaos emeralds With all the other Sonic game this game was the start of something big not only sonic but games about his companions or enemy no dought this game is a game to play again and if you have PS-Plus you can this game free!


The last game on this list is Doom, This game basically is the base of every 1st person shooter this game made video gaming now a days. this game was released in 1993 and was published by id software not only did this make first person shooters famous it made the horror genre of games was also most started from this game a marine stuck in space fighting demon aliens with it also being scary, wonder what that sounds like? *cough* Dead Space *cough* so pack extra diapers cause when you're playing this again you will be pissing your pants scared again like you were in 1993.


So these are some games that you rely on while we wait for Resistance 3 and BioShock infinite and remember in Russia games play you!

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