You Beat Me With Cheese

*After Baneling busting a Terran wall in with a Bunker and two Supply Depots*

Opponent: Bullshit

Opponent: Fucking game

Me: gg

There are "cheesy" strategies in almost every game.  These are strategies that, when properly done and successful, will almost infuriate the losing player.


But why?  As I switched from Terran to Zerg in Starcraft 2, I think I've died to every single rush imaginable starting from the Terran Banshee rush, to the Protoss Four Gate, to even the Zerg Six Pool.  As a regular pubbie player, I hold my tongue.  Every time I've died to a cheesy strategy I withhold my anger not because I'm so damn high and mighty but because I should've been a better player and stopped it.  I lose to cheese because I'm bad and need to learn to play.  That's it.

I think the only time I've truly gotten angry (and now its pretty funny) is when I lost to 2 cheesy strategies at the same time.  I stopped a Protoss 4gate rush with some Roaches, teched to Lair, and then raged when I saw Dark Templar blurs moving across my creep.  I morphed an Overseer, but to my dismay I watched as half my army died to DT's as the other half died to Zealots.

Does this warrant a balance shift?  That's up to Blizzard.  But in the competitive scene, the 4gate rush is somewhat of a common appearance and a strong and accepted strategy.  Baneling busts were considered cheese, until Terrans finally realized that they make a bunker behind the barracks wall-in instead of a part of it.  Now baneling busts are usually used as a punishment when Terrans don't wall in properly (unless you're ST_July, who goes all in and blows up your barracks wall in anyways).

At the end of the day, these "cheeses" and just risky builds.  High risk with high rewards.  A good player treats it like a good trick, bringing it out when people least expect it.  A bad player uses them until it turns stale, boring, and then watches as it turns to garbage before they're eyes.


The Baneling Bust story in the beginning is not cheese.  It was me reacting to what I saw.  A bad player hiding behind a crappy bunker and two fragile depots.  Learn to play.

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really the only cheese that pisses me off is the protoss cannon rush. As terran its almost impossible to stop just because at that point in the game you can only make 1 marine at a time. Then again 6 pool vs a zerg that has no idea its coming can be really annoying. But things like a baneling bust shouldn't really be considered cheese, something like that you have ample time to scout for. Its just early agression. 

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The thing that PMO is when I'm playing a team game and someone techs straight to Carriors. GAAHH!!! Nothing can beat Carriors except Corruptors or Battlecruisers/Ravens.

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Very true, a proper proxy pylon and forge build is difficult to stop.  I never encountered this while playing TvP, but I probably figure that this would be pretty damn near impossible to stop when not scouted in time.  I also agree with your opinion on banelings busts.



Hahahaha if that happens, I suggest mass marines if someone is Terran.  Otherwise I'd send an Overlord with speed or go for an early Observer to make sure nothing fishy is going on.  If you do have a Terran on your team it almost is always worth it to have a Reaper scout or to use a Orbital Scan.

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Fuck this text box. I type shit and it just disappears if I accidently hit Backspace.


By playing Zerg, you agreed to be all in-ed by every race (including your own) in every possible way. 4gate, 5gate, 6gate, 2rax, 4rax. You have to deal with it because you chose that race. Holding everything off comes with practice and time. My 3.3k Diamond Z practice partner has problem holding off 5 gate/6 gate due to their strong ability depending on the player. If you can't handle their nature, then I wouldn't suggest playing them.

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