Skyrim: Kinect Voice Integration Impressions

***To see a ful PDF of Skyrim Kinect commands, click here***


Since Skyrim's release back in November, the game has been high on, if not at the top of, everyone's Game of the Year list. Since it was announced that the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series would be getting updated for Kinect support, many gamers who had already owned the peripheral were left clamoring to yell dragon shouts at their televisions.

With the update, players can now command and interact with allies, hotkey and equip weapons, access in-game menus, and, to many console gamers' delight, quicksave and quickload. All of the commands feel natural to say and the quicksaves are very helpful. When the quicksave command is used, the game is momentarily paused while the new save is created, (labeled as QUICK under your list of save files), and quickload loads the save.

The name of shouts can now be said (Ex: Whirlwind Sprint) or, by holding Right Bumper, the name of the shout can be said in the language of the dragons (Ex: Fus Ro Dah). Recognition of the dragon language is well done, and being able to say the English names is helpful as most aren't likely to learn all the words for each shout.

Equipping weapons is easy, and animations of drawing weapons is quick with no noticeable lag. Hotkeys are also helpful because of the wide range of weapons and spells. There are specific keys for each category of weapon (sword, greatsword, axe, shield, etc.) and each spell (elemental spells, ward spells, summon spells, etc.).

Overall, the Kinect functionality added to Skyrim works well and is entertaining. Commands help to streamline access to the menus and equipping different weapons or spells. The new update does not warrant the purchase of a Kinect on its own, but I highly recommend that people who already own one play around with the new features.

A quick overview of some of the new commands.

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Now that John and Dan bought a Kinect, I'd love to see more videos using the peripheral. I think them screaming dragon shouts at the TV for a Drink Along session could be entertaining. 

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I used to be a commentator... but then I took an arrow to the teeth?

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