Shinji Mikami Working on a New Game

Shinji Mikami, who has worked on Devil May Cry, God Hand, and is the creator of the beloved Resident Evil franchise, is beginning to work on a new game at his new Tango Gameworks studio. Not much is currently known, but the title is currently codenamed "Zwei", and it will be a return to survival horror's roots. In an interview with Famitsu, a prominent Japanese gaming magazine, Mikami revealed that he is serving as executive director for the game. He also mentioned that he is fully involved in the development of the project, the first time he has done so since the 2010 third-person shooter Vanquish.

The only current artwork for the game is this mysterious collage, showing possible locations for the game.

Mikami says that he chose to create a survival horror title because he didn't want to upset his fans and felt that he would be best at creating a game in the once great genre. "I've found my focus," says Mikami, "and once again I'm striving for pure survivor horror." Development is still in the early stages and the basic settings are near halfway complete. Platforms that the game will be released for are not currently known, but it is highly probable Zwei will be seen on HD consoles. One of the most interesting things about Tango Gameworks is that Zenimax is their parent company, meaning Zwei will be published by Bethesda, the giants behind the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises.

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Artwork look really cool. But if it's anything like Resident Evil, the "horror" aspect will be rather shallow, stale, and generally recycled.

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As he is considered one of the pioneers of 3D horror, I'm interested to see what Mikami cooks up. The industry could use better survival horror titles.

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Shinji Mikami? Day one purchase. Didn't even read the article.

Actually, I did, but all you have to say to me is Shinji Mikami, Suda 51, Hideki Kamiya or Hideo Kojima and I'm sold.

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