Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition First Impressions

Ever since its alpha release in May 2009, Minecraft has enthralled PC gamers with its block art design and its simple, yet highly addictive gameplay. Between then and the official release in November of 2011, much had been added to the game, such as new creatures like Endermen and mechanics like weapon enchantments. The popular sandbox title did not receive high praise for it's mobile releases for the Xperia Play and iOS devices. But, with the dawn of a new release on a console, Minecraft has finally hit its stride the way it does on the PC.  

For those who have never played Minecraft, it is a sandox game that is all about creating all sorts of structures and surviving the monster infested nights. You begin by spawning in a world with nothing; just you, your imagination, and the ability to punch trees. 

Minecraft is a refreshing change of pace from most games because it doesn't force you to do anything. Do you want to create lavish mansions and flying pirate ships? Go ahead. Want to fight off hordes of zombies, skeletons, and spiders? Do it. Minecraft is what you make of it.

Compared to its PC brother, Minecraft is not quite up to the same level graphically, but it still looks great. People often criticize the game for having "shitty graphics", but these are always uneducated comments from people who don't understand that its supposed to look like a pseudo 8-bit game, from the ground to the pickaxe. There are no problems with screen tearing or frame rate drops and the draw distance is admirable for the platform. The only major problem is that the worlds generated do not measure up to the same scale as the PC version.

This new version of the game doesn't hold newcomer's hands, but it does provide very helpful hints at the beginning. Many tutorials, varying from how to craft to how to harvest sand, are included and pop up at very appropriate times. Crafting has also been reinvented. Rather than putting ingredients in the three-by-three grid, a list of items that can be created appears if the player possesses the necessary items to make them.

Minecraft was undoubtedly one of the best games of last year, and this port is no exception. While minor differences arise, like sizes of the generated worlds, there are no reasons not to download release, even at the twenty dollar price tag. If you have not yet played the a version of the game, now is the perfect point to jump in.

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Nice short review. But i think you need more on the differences between the Xbox and PC edition. Also i would disagree about the Xbox being slightly inferior graphically, only because the style of the game doesn't allow for drastic graphical differences between the two systems.

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