LucasArts Announces Star Wars: 1313

Last night, LucasArts formally announced its brand-new Star Wars game. FIrst rumored in May due to Lucasfilm filing video game related trademarks, we now have a teaser site and an image.

After passing an age gate, the viewer is shown several black and white images of Coruscant, a planet most fans of the Star Wars franchise should be familiar with, and are left with this color screen. As implied by these pictures, the game will take place on Coruscant, more specifically the 1313 level, deep below the planet's surface in the seedy underbelly. It is here that you play as a bounty hunter, currently unnamed, taking down targets while uncovering a conspiracy. The game will reportedly be a third-person shooter with an emphasis on cover-based shooting.

Based on the TIE fighters and Imperial Shuttle pictured in the above image, it is clear the game will take place during the original trilogy or later on in the expanded universe. It also seems that Lucas is putting a large amount of energy into this game, as Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound, and Lucasfilm Animation are all involved in the production. Expect to see more presented at E3 next week.