The greatest game to have ever graced our humble existence.

Since my mediocre writing skills can't do "silent Hill 2" justice, I will leave it up to this fellow:

yes, that is Yahtzee, the ever-popular Austrailian game cynic--err, I mean "critic"-- famous for his break-neck articulation, satiric writing, and grossly steep gaming standards.

It should come as a surprising then, that this notoriously contemptuous game critic shares my opinion. If that isn't a testament to Silent Hill 2's greatness, then I don't know what is.

Watch the video, buy the game, let your mind explode with thought provoking wonder, and thank me when you are done.

Chad'spenis signing off.

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Nothing beats a good yahtzee review. My favorite has to be the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review. He starts it out by saying that the game was made for the kkk, because you spend the entire game killing minorities. Which describes pretty much every shooter.

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Ah, this is true. It is also true that this game is the best game ever made. Go play it!

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