Mass Effect 3 Ending: Another Perspective

To those of you that have been searching over the internet endlessly since you beat Mass effect 3, you have probably stumbled upon this video. True, you could say this is a fan's attempt to rationalize an ending that is too insulting to comprehend, but the evidence is just too hard to ignore.

I mean really, how could a game with such a perfect narrative suffer terribly inconsistent plot holes and writing during one of the most pivotal moments of the series?

If this does turn out to be the case, and if the upcoming dlc reveals the actual end to the trilogy we have all come to love, then Bioware would have effectively "indoctrinated" their own fans into believing the reapers' ultimate hoax. The secret ending was just a hint to the players who put in the extra grind and got all of the war assets before venturing to Earth.

But this poses another question: if this does turn out to be Bioware's plan for upcoming dlc in the future, then they would have sold us a game without an actual ending. Forget day 1 dlc, if this isn't handled perfectly, this could mean war on the developer we all admired so much.

Only time will tell.

To anyone who wants to look into this further, I recommend also checking out Angry Joe's indoctrination video. He is the same guy that made the "top 10 reasons why we hate the Mass effect 3 ending" video. You could argue his video is even more persuasive than this one.

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I watch the Angry Joe video you were talking about and it didn't make any sense to me. It was just a guy complaining. He just asked the same questions as the video you posted, but the video you posted (I posted the same video in another thread on this site) actually tries to answer the questions. I don't see the point in listening to someone complain for 20 minutes.

If the ending is meant to be as it is explained in the video, it might be one of my favorite endings of all time. However, if they're going to release paid DLC to give people closure to the story, then that is unforgivable. There is a rumor it will be free, which leads me to believe they just didn't have time to get it done. But they had time to release day 1 DLC. However you break it down I'm going to be insulted by Bioware and EA, but I don't want to waste my time listening to people complain about an ending they didn't put the effort into understanding.

I didn't understand the ending the first time I played through. What did I do? I went online to listen to people who knew more about Mass Effect than me and boy am I glad. I didn't post a video on YouTube complaining about how I didn't comprehend the complexity of the ending. It may be a valid point, as I said in other threads, a truly good ending shouldn't need to be explained. But anyone who takes this ending at face value just isn't thinking.

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Perfect narrative?

hard to agree with that after trying to make since of mass effect 2's story of shepherd just dicking around with the collectors and waiting for the real reapers threat to show up

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