Worst News Program in the World?

Recently Fox "News" posted an article about the upcoming Epic game Bulletstorm, asking, "Is Bulletstorm the Worst Game in the World?" This question was asked because of the explicit nature of the game. Namely, the skillshots such as the "gangbang" skillshot which involves killing multiple enemies. The article goes on to quote an "expert" on the subject named Carole Lieberman who said

“The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of sexual scenes in video games"

The article goes on to say that even though the game is rated M for mature, it won't be kept out of the hands of children because the ESRB rating system is not enforced by some retailers. While this is a logical point (and probably the only logical point of the whole article) that still doesn't make the idea of limiting our freedom sound any more appealing.

So the question remains. Is Bulletstorm the worst video game in the world? The answer is of course no. There are many games out there that are much worse for kids, but the article in question is not really about Bulletstorm, but is simply another anti gaming rant by people that have never picked up a controller.



Agree? Disagree? Let me know about it in the comments section. It's okay if you disagree, but please, make sure anything you type is spelled correctly and is a complete thought. Thank you.

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The problem with Fox News is that they "assume" that everything that is related to games (i.e. murder, rape, terrorism, psychological problems, etc.) is being impacted by video games. Look at Manhunt 1 & 2. That game had brutal kills in it and even then kids were killing each other. One case found that a kid murdered his brother with a baseball bat saying that he "wanted to be like Cash" (the main character of Manhunt 1.)

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I read this news story earlier on the Escapist.  This really interests me because I think that Dead Space 2 would be a much more viable candidate for Fox News to completely blow out of perportion. 

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I don't understand why fox news is so retarded when they have had some of the most controversal and awesome shows like The Simpsons (the first few seasons) and Family Guy. They should just fire everyone on Fox News and start fresh.

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Fox News is the televised equilavent of poison, never have I seen a TV news outlet that is so utterly ignorant, self-serving and vindictive. They frequently try to cause internal strife in the political system by televising stories about how Obama is a baby killer just because he's technically muslim. Do they want rioting in the future? Because everyone will know who to pin the blame on (CNN might share some of the blame but at least they have some decency and integrity form what I've seen).

Fox News is effectively a channel for disgruntled 50-somethings with huge chips on their shoulders to rant and rage like the juvenile, racist fucks that they are about anything and everything that doesn't fit into their own little dream world. And as soon as it is shut down the human race can continue to progress unhindered.

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Lets just face the truth, everyone who plays Bulletstorm will be a rapist.

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