Vita Launch Titles

The Vita is looking to have a very good launch line up. In this post I will break down all of the possible launch titles for Sony's next portable. 


Sound Shapes

My Excitement Level: Moderate

This seems to be a pretty run of the mill platformer. The reason I am even moderately excited for this game is that everyone who has played it doesn't have anything bad to say about it. Along with a cute but familiar art style, this game has a level editor that is said to be both fun and easy to use.




Hustle Kings

My Excitement Level: Low

This is basically a touch based pool sim. While I like the idea of smaller touch based games on the Vita, I just can't   get excited about a game that I played on my PC in 1998. Especially if they are going to charge full price.





Super StarDust Delta

My Excitement Level: High

I love twin stick shooters, and  Super StarDust HD is one of my favorites. Super StarDust Delta should end up being a great game. My only worry is that they will charge for this as if it were a full game. As long as this one stays under 15 dollars, I will be very happy with it.




Reality Fighters

My Excitement Level: Very Low

Reality Fighters is a game where you take your picture, put it on your fighter, and have fights with other people's fighters in whatever real world environment your Vita is pointing at. The problem is that everything that has been shown of the game has been relating to the virtual reality tech, and not the actual fighting. I personally think that this will turn out to be a mediocre fighter with a dumb gimmick.


WipEout 2048

My Excitement Level: Very High

My favorite racing game has to be WipEout HD. I love the fast paced frantic action and the brilliant color that is a big part of every race. WipEout 2048 is the sequel to an awesome game, and that's enough for me to get very excited.





Little Deviants

My Excitement Level: Meh

Little Deviants is just a mini game collection, made with the purpose of showing off the cool stuff that the Vita can do, such as the game where you make hills in the environment by using the touch screen on the back of the device. This is a tech demo that probably won't be worth your while.




Uncharted: Golden Abyss

My Excitement Level: Fuck Yes!

This is easily my most anticipated Vita title. If this game makes the Vita launch, than I will consider buying one on day one. (Something I have never done before) 

Uncharted has one of the best stories of any game ever made. Golden Abyss will serve as a prequel. There really isn't anything else that needs to be said. This game will be great.




If all of these games end up making the Vita's launch line up, it could possibly be the best launch of all time. Only time will tell, but for once, I'm actually keeping my hopes up.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I wouldn't go as far to say as best launch of all-time, but even with Uncharted as a launch title it will still have a leg up on the lackluster 3DS launch. Pilot Wings? Really Nintendo? Come on...

I'm really hoping Sony shows off some more games for the NGP during their press conference or during E3. I don't anticipate the NGP being cheap, so I need another triple A title at least to justify a day one purchase. The technology behind the system looks amazing though.

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@Boss Kowbel

The chances of it being the best are slim, especially with the GBA having 17 launch titles, but I stand by saying that it could be the best.

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I couldn`t agree more with your excitement level for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but it is being developed by Bend Studios, not Naughty Dog.

Lazy's picture

I'm going to buy a NGP as soon as it launches so that if modded software comes out I can mod it and get interesting apps.

I have a hacked PSP, and it's got some usefull apps that aren't available on a normal PSP.

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@GLaDoS 96

Your right. Oh well, I'm still excited.

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