Top 5 Worst Superman Comic Book Covers


#5 Extortionist Superman


Maybe superman thinks that it's okay to commit extortion, as long as you commit it on the oil companies. But really, he's just jacking up the prices for the rest of us. $3.80 per gallon? Fuck you Superman!










#4 Christian Superman


So... you mean to tell me that this man who has come from another planet, shoots lasers out of his eyes, can see though walls, is faster than a speeding bullet, and can be brought back to life by being hurled into the sun believes that Jesus is the son of god because he turned water into wine?

Also, what's with him having a retarded kid? You mean to tell me that this comic is about the joys of sharing presents on Christmas and the burdens of having a kid with Down's Syndrome? Maybe I'm just being a dick, but that seems like two messages that just don't work very well together.






#3 Wheelchair Superman


I know that a lot of people say that Superman is not an interesting character because he is too powerful, but isn't this taking things a little to far? Not to mention that they refer to him as the panhandler of metropolis.

There, I got though that whole thing without mentioning Christopher Reeve's immobility. Score one for sensitivity.








#2 Rape Victim Superman


First you put him in a wheel chair, now you put him in the comic rendition of Deliverance. Honestly, he's being gagged and ridden by a hillbilly. Won't be long before he tires out and has to take it like a man. Superman may ending up defeating this horny cowboy, but for the rest of his life his dreams will be haunted by the sound of him going "Doggone, if you ain't the most rambunctious bronc I ever rode"









#1 Rapist Superman


Clearly Superman has been spending all of his free time working as a catholic priest. Or maybe he's getting frustrated with Louis Lane for not putting out all these years. Either way, this is one of the most disturbing things that I have ever seen, and definitely deserves to be known as the worst Superman cover art of all time and some of the worst cover art in history across all mediums for that matter.











So, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed my top five, and if you have any bad cover art you would like to contribute, just put it in the comments section below.

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