Portal: No Escape

Portal: No Escape

What did you guys think? I think it's the best fan made short film that I've seen, and there have been some good ones, like:


Lord of the Rings: Born of Hope

If I recall correctly, this film went a little bit astray from it's source material, but was still well acted and well produced.


Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Pilot)

It is true that the actual series is terrible, but that doesn't take away from this incredibly well made pilot.


What do you think?

MarioDragon's picture

The Portal one would be better without those guys in black clothes...

MrDudeMan's picture

I agree the appearance of other people sets the portal one back, but even with that its still amazing.

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@MarioDragon and MrDudeMan

I actually think that it's really cool that they included the Combine from Half Life. It brings those universes together like valve has barely ever done.

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