PSN Store is Back!

Rejoice! After being offline more than a month, the PlayStation Store is back. The Welcome Back program is up and running.


"A number of games and pieces of content have been added to the store, but the free Welcome Back offers have not. Grace Chen, director of the PlayStation Store, said on the PlayStation Blog that the Welcome Back content is in the final stages of testing and will be available soon." 

                                                               Greg Miller, Executive Editor, IGN


  Visit the Playstation Blog for more info on the new content in the store.

XL_ARES_IX's picture

Man, good job Sony; nice to know that you're so on top of the situation.

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Darth Vegnagun's picture

At last.

PKcghywgmgyd9d2's picture

i like that the store is back but do we need this Welcome Back Program

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Is that sarcasm? Because Sony is doing just fine right now.

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@GlaDoS, they're sort of doing fine. Some group of hackers said "this is the beginning of the end" for Sony, and whether or not they actually mean it will only be proven in years to come. Either way, the fact they let this happen in the first place is ridiculous and stupid, with lawyers even calling them arrogant, as well as Geohot. Good job Sony!

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Hey guess what?  This happened:

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Lol. The above comment could also be backed up with this. Even a t0rrent picture in the comments.

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I love Sony and all, but it's just one fuck up after another with them lately. Good thing I've still got my 360 and Wii to keep me company. Sony really needs to resolve this issue, especially before this Fall. How will fans react if they can't play multiplatform games online, or exclusives like Resistance or Uncharted?

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Finally got the free games after watching this....

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