Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

There a lot of poor sad nerds like me who are dying for information about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm here to give you the information you so desire, so maybe after you read this you can get some sleep, (after your done updating that wiki page) and maybe even go outside for once.



The game takes place in (you guessed it) Skyrim 200 years after the events of Oblivion. You start out as a nobody, sitting in a jail cell for an unspecified crime. You are then released (for some reason) into a nation that is struggling greatly. The nation is separated into nine regions. These regions each used to run by their own governing family; this system has given way to democracy in many of these regions, but some have been overthrown, and and are on the brink of war with each other. Right as the nation is on the brink of collapse, the Dragons show up.



Much like it's predecessors, (Fallout 3 and Oblivion) exploration is the driving force behind Skyrim. However, the developers at Bethesda have been putting a lot of effort into making sure that the combat elements in Skyrim are just as interesting as it's exploration. Basically, Skyrim has a two handed weapons system. This means that the player decides which weapon/spell that they want to equipped to their left and right hands.

Short Gameplay Video



Leveling Up

Skyrim will NOT have a menu based system like Fallout 3 did. Instead, the developers have created a more organic system of leveling up, where the player is rewarded for preforming a skill, by having their character become more proficient in that skill. This is opposed to Fallout 3, where if a player wanted to level up their lock picking skill, they would kill a bunch of enemies to level up and then put those level up points into their lock picking ability. In this situation, the player is rewarded with lock picking points for killing enemies. Bethesda hopes that their new system will do away with that, and keep the player more focused on the world around them, than on menus. 



Hopefully this little bit of info will help you hold out until 11/11/11 Until then, I suggest that we all get some sleep, and go outside every once in a while, because we certainly wont be doing very much of either after this game comes out.

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There better not be a level cap, and I hated Fallout 3's level system, I'm glad it's like Oblivion's.

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“There’s no level cap. there’s no mathematical level cap, But it’s however it works out, we don’t set it… Leveling is faster. if oblivion was a level 25 game this is level 50. we wanted to get it faster going because there are so many perks.”

Todd Howard-Bethesda

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Great. I'm never going to leave the house after 11-11-11...

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Im going to play the shit out of this game and the same thing for Dead Island

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So the mayans were almost true. The world ends on 11-11-11. Nobody will leave their houses because they're playing skyrim.

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Im so excited for this! But damn im having the hardest year of high school so my play time is limited -.-

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There's a 40 minute gameplay demo online, google it because I'm too lazy to provide a link.

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I have now posted the video AnalbagEd was talking about.

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I was there at Quakecon since i live close to Dallas, The people there were so crazy.  Texas style :P

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@Erik Den Roda

Did you catch any Battlefield 3 stuff while you were there?

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The game looks fantastic, even for the Xbox 360. One thing that struck me odd was the fact that the crowd was randomly yelling throughout the presentation, most of time over what seems like nothing at all. Crazy nerds.

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no i don't  think battlefield 3 was even featured there

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Aww man, I need more wipes for my keyboard.

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Bethesda just added some HD gameplay, you should take out the recorded one out and use the three that came out.

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