EA reacts to Bobby Koticks reaction to EA

The folks at EA have been doing a lot of trash talking the last few months about the likes of both Call of Duty, and Activision as a whole, but EA haven't been the only ones.


On June 7th, Activision boss Bobby Kotick spoke out to CNBC about Battlefield 3's console versions, stating,

"Well so far I’ve only seen Battlefield 3 shown on a PC, so I haven’t seen it on a console which is where the bulk of our business is. If it’s just the PC titles as it looks like today, that’s a very small audience to participate, but we always are interested in seeing what our competitors are doing."

"I think we’ve had a lot of success with the Call of Duty franchise, the product that we’re about to release Modern Warfare 3 is a result of an enormous amount of user research, and it is what our tens of millions of players are saying they’d like to see in their next [Call of Duty] experience"


More recently, Bobby's second-in-command Eric Hirshberg said EA's comments are "bad for our industry", specifically slamming EA's management for stating that  Call of Duty should "rot from the core". In response, EA's company's chief spokesman Jeff Brown used IndustryGamers to speak out against Call of Duty and Activision once again, and said,  

"Welcome to the big leagues Eric. I know you're new in the job but someone should have told you this is an competitive industry.

You've got every reason to be nervous. Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category. This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70. At that rate, you'll be out of the category in 2-3 years. If you don't believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk." 


Now it might be too late to stop the seemingly inevitable flame war that will occur from this post, but just hold back on your impulse to type angrily and think. Is this really about EA thinking that they will topple the behemoth Call of Duty series, (Before Activision beats them to the punch) or is this just another marketing ploy to get us to talk about Battlefield? Well, if it is just marketing, than it's working. Not only are we talking about Battlefield, but a lot of people seem to be taking Battlefield's side in this argument, however most seem to be taking the side of reason in saying that both will probably be good games, and that the argument is just breath wasted.

Still, I think that the situation is interesting, and is worth paying attention to. (Otherwise I wouldn't be posting) And you have to wonder what the folks at Infinity Ward (Call of Duty developers) and Dice (Battlefield developers) think of this whole situation. perhaps we will hear their side of things when they are less busy with development.

Until then, this is brodyitis a.k.a Brody Tits, signing off.


As usual, if you have any irrational responses, incomprehensible gibberish, or positive feedback, please put it in the comments section below.

MrDudeMan's picture

Honestly I kind of hope fps games in general just die (similar to the music games). But if I had to choose one of them I would choose BF3, I doubt MW3 will be any different than black ops or MW2.

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I do think that BF3 will be the better game, but what do you guys think of all this bickering? Is it just marketing, or do the people at EA actually think that they will force the mammoth Call of Duty train to a remarkably sudden halt?

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I think Battlefield 3 has the potential to topple Call of Duty, but that's largely consumer-based. I think those that want a more tactical experience with large-scale battles and well-built destruction models will flock to Battlefield 3, but to get the most out of Battlefield 3, players will need a heavy gaming PC. The Battlefield series has always been best enjoyed with a keyboard and mouse with a massive group of players.

Like Bobby Kotick said though, most of their business is now done on consoles, but that's only because they've begun to neglect PC gamers. Infinity Ward made a big mistake not opting for dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2, but they are including dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 3 for the PC, so will see how that pans out. The Modern Warfare series has become more casual of late, in the way that anyone can pick up the game and become better with a little practice. Not so much in Battlefield - the first I tried flying a helicopter in Battlefield 2 I plummeted straight into the ground.

I think EA has the potential to take down Activision's flagship franchise, but they have to corner the console market first and make 360 and PS3 gamers see that they can have just as much fun rolling in a tank with their friends, blasting unlucky enemies hiding behind walls, as they can running-and-gunning with their silenced UMP 45s, getting a 25 kill streak, and calling in a nuke.

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@ Boss Kowbell

That's a good point, but how long do you think it will take for that to happen? Jeff Brown of EA was saying that it would take two to three years for the Call of Duty franchise to implode, but I think that's being way too hopeful. MW3 is on pace to beat Black Ops' record setting day one, and if it's any good, than it's predecessor might break those records.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but I think that Call of Duty will linger for a long while. If you need any proof of a franchise lingering, just take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog.

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I think 2-3 years is most definitely a reasonable amount of time. I would say to just look at the trends with any franchise activision had. Guitar hero basically killed itself with the lack of diversity between sequels, and the fact that rockband was a much better option with the store and such. Tony hawk imploded because the graphics fell behind and skate had a much better control system along with the multiplayer (skate 2 multiplayer, skate 3 was meh). Implode is the best term describing the downfall of activision games because often times the downfall is caused by activision themselves. They release games too fast (1 a year at the current rate, but If i remember correctly they now have like 3 companies working on CoD) and there is not enough variety inbetween the games for them to stand out. Also as the games get further down the franchise line, they become more accustomed to casual players, so its hard for it to build up a committed fan scene. I think even WoW is reporting very low subscribers compared to its previous years. All EA has to do is simply release something different that looks pretty and can offer easy and fun gameplay for the casual audience. 

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@ MrDudeMan 

I think that we won't know about the future of Call of Duty, until we reach the next console generation. (Wii u doesn't count) Until then, I think that COD will continue to dominate the NPD's. For better or worse.

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Perhaps, who knows what the next consoles will be like though. They might just be stupid and meant to appeal only to casual gamers (like the wii, I can see sony doing this with their 3D business). 

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EA sucks, Activision sucks

DICE is awesome, Treyarch is awesome, Infinity Ward is awesome

There is a difference between publishers like EA and Activision and developers like DICE, Treyarch,and IW in fact COD community manager had nothing but positive things to say after playing Battlefield 3.

If there is any mudslinging in the war for FPS supremacy it isn't from the developers

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I agree, I believe that developers are to worried about their own games to worry about anyone else's.

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You're right that WoW has been losing a few subs recently, but it's still the biggest subscription MMO out there, however, I don't think it's lack of diversity, it's just that Blizzard didn't release much in the way of content patches during that period (no new raids or dungeons for nearly half a year) and people got bored.

Blizzard have done a lot in recent year to diversify the gameplay with seige weapons and more interesting quests, but they've also been getting lazy at the same time.

As for CoD, yes, Activision should really quit while they are ahead, since they have nothing left if CoD goes to shit aside from maybe the Lego games but I'm not sure who the publisher is on those.

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I really like this competition between EA and Activision, not only is it entertaining, it's also good for the gaming industry imho.

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Basically, I look at Modern Warfare 2 on the Console and see it is alive and well.  I look at Bad Company 2 on Console and see that it's activity has gone down tremendously.  For a game that needs two full teams of players to actually be enjoyed, it's not quite reassuring when there are only three people on each side.

This happens every single year with any big game that has the slight mention of multiplayer.   The Call of Duty teenagers who put over 4 hours into the game everyday proclaim they are sick of it and it's the worst game they have ever played, going as far to say games like Homefront are CoD Killers.

This is no different.  Battlefield 3 will have a good 2 or three months of being blooming with activity, and will die, whereas MW3 will be going on for the next year.  People are going to get bored of it because Battlefield will not have the staying power as an Arcade-esque shooter like CoD has.

I have no doubt that The Call of Duty series will die, but Battlefield sure as shit isn't going to claim the throne.

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@Joes Unless I'm completely mistaken, Bad Company and Battlefield are completely different. You realize there's a Battlefield 2, right? That game has SO MANY people playing still. Sure it's gone down, probably because of League of Legends, TF2 being free, Battlefield 3 being announced and probably partly because of Bad Company 2, but if Battlefield 3 is anywhere near as good as Battlefield 2, there is no way it will die like you say it will.

On consoles, maybe, since I can't imagine Battlefield 3 having great graphics or framerates with all that craziness going on, but on PC? It will live on and on and on.

But either way, if you look here (not the most reliable site but it gives a pretty good indicator on the most played games on the PC) http://www.xfire.com/games/bfbc2/Battlefield_Bad_Company_2/

Bad Company 2 is still doing pretty good. If you ask me, games like Bad Company and Battlefield are best for the PC, so that's where most of the players will stay. Call of Duty is better for the Xbox since it attracts all the 9 year olds who think they know everything about guns and war.

JoesShittyOs's picture

@Mario Not, they are pretty much the exact same thing.   Battlefield 3 is going to resemble the Bad Company series more so than the other Battlefield games.  They aren't "Completely" different

Seeing how PC sales will nowhere near match Console sales, yes, that was what I was referring to. In order to beat Call of Duty, you have to win the Console market, something that having a game which targets PC will never be able to do.

 A surprising amount of Battlefield 3's hype is coming from the CoD community themselves.  I guarantee you that 50% of these kids saying Battlefield 3 will be the next big thing are the ones who have over 20 days of playtime in Black Ops, and will be back on MW3 the day it comes out.  This is the exact same vicious cycle that happens with any game trying to compete with CoD.

The games selling point right now is it's graphics, something that pretty much means Jack Shit when your average consumer is a parent who doesn't even play the game.

brodyitis's picture


I agree that Battlefield 3 will have staying power for years to come, but Call of Duty isn't just a bunch of kids. There are plenty of hardcore players.


Battlefield 3 will sell very well on consoles. To be honest, I think the Xbox 360 version will sell better than the PC version, and will have a very long following, just like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 did.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

God damn, EA nailed it. Activision lost my respect long ago, and although I'm not a fanboy of either company, I'd have to say that EA does a much better job at making fresh titles, whereas Activision runs games to the ground to get as much money as they can off of it.

Milleniummaster18's picture

EA has a good point, Activision's "Hero" franchises are withering out at a rapid rate, I would expect the Call of Duty franchise to start decaying soon, given that it's essentially the same experience over and over, with relatively minor modifications.

I know it's too soon to give up on them, but we know from the "Guitar Hero" games that they're shameless money whores. I foresee a bleak future for them if they don't start straightening up.

Just my biased opinion.

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@Joes all I can say is you've never played Battlefield 2 then.

II RickyBFC II's picture

BF3 is 30fps on consoles. That reason alone makes me prefer call of duty.

gamer2248's picture

Modern Warfare 3 will destroy Battlefield 3. Better game or not I'm talking about sales here. Call of Duty is much more accessible and has far superior brand recognition then the Battlefield franchise. It will take much more then three years to topple the Call Of Duty monstrosity. Another reason is that Call of duty is much more of a game then Battlefield. What I mean by this is it seems that Battlefield tries to be much more realistic. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing it will do a good job of warding off potential consumers in the casual gaming market. Just my 2 cents. They will though at the end of the day both be great and I'm getting each.

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@Ricky BFC

I haven't heard that before. That's very interesting.

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I want to smash everyone's argument by saying "Once the Nintendo 64 has a network adapter added EVERYONE will be playing 007 Goldeneye Online and forget about COD, Halo, Battlefield and shooters all together" Much love Explicitbaron :)

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I always find it interesting that any discussion involving Ea and Activision these days usually descends into a flame war between MW3 and BF3. Not that it's bad, it's entertaining to read, but I think we all need to just chill a bit about it. Buy the one you want, and not the other, fine by me.

Anyway, my point: I'm somewhat surprised how vicious these guys are getting with each other. Usually it's all one big happy family in the gaming industry, but these two just can't get along.

V3no's picture

Mann i dun understand why people think CoD will die off in 2-3 years LOL. hadta laff on that one

less do a reality check here: 1. EA is known fer screwein up titles and known to empty our wallads. Example needed? MADDEN? im not sure if we as a people fergot who we dealin wit but EA will suck ur money dry, it was them who started the online pass to charge u ta pay their online games(nfs hot pursuit and fight night champion, etc) Activision is doin a decent job of keepin it fresh. Military stuff, fps stuff, can get redundant but mw1 was greatness, mw2 was hella greatness, and mw3...yea its gon be greatnesss. now does this mean bf3 wont be good? NO it will be greatness. but does that mean its gon topple the seasoned CoD? absolutely not, too many fanbois out there who love CoD, and too many gun fanatics who adore the personal feel CoD gives. U guys gotta understand suh'in(and gals too if ur there), jus cuz suh'in new come on da scene dont make it "fresh". wat do i mean by that? bf3 can come on the scene and take some fans away but at thee end of the day, they gon come back ta CoD. How do i kno this? well look, wen halo was released last year and CoD was released, CoD stomped a mudhole in sales along with everything else, on Halo. CoD went on ta be in the nominess fer GOTY. Halo was no where found in there. IMo, this is another session jus like last year. Of course, us as gamers want suh'in new but once we get done wit it, we gon tell our homies "hey man its alright, but ya kno erybody is on that CoD". Cuz us as gamers arent gonna hide good games. common courteousy as a gamer is to tell other gamers about good/great games. *takes a deep breath* on a marketing note, its plausible ta say that bf may stump CoD fer the first couple months but people gon come back, i kno i did. if i have a CoD, and a Gears, i kno im connected to ma nigguhs no matter what. cuz prolly 2 out of the 3 gon have a CoD. wen i ask about bf2 ma peoples say "ye its coo but man dat CoD is jus..u wanna get on later?" thas how it is. im jus bein realistic. wen people say activision is known fer freakin up games, they right. but they have yet ta mess up CoD cuz each installment of MW is increasing~breaking new records each time. opening week of mw1 was suh'in like 500k copies gone, by the end of that month it was 4mil copies shipped n gone. thas jus in the U.S. u gotta count international sales. a whopping 11.8million copies shipped n gone globally. mw2 broke those records. and i believe mw3 gon break mw2s records. bf3 gon be great. but nuh'in aint touchin CoD at the moment.~ too many fans. EA has a new touch on it, but it aint a "fresh" touch on it. theres a difference

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

Why care so much?  

michaelkirschner's picture

@v3no I want to punch you in the face you illiterate twit

Josh Kowbel's picture

@V3no I've got to ask, how the fuck do you type like that? All the red lines in the comment box would drive me crazy.

MarioDragon's picture

Boss Kowbel, I'm assuming he's using Internet Explorer which doesn't have spell check. Also, not to add redundancy, but v3no...


RPGeesus's picture

@V3no That was some ghetto-arse typing if I've ever seen it. If that is how you regularly type, then I'm somewhat impressed, but also disappointed.

Also, you're right, but you're also wrong.

People will go to MW3, no doubt, but a lot of people will probably realise that it looks the same as MW2. I saw the trailers for it, and the biggest thought I've had in my mind was "Wow, all the guns look exactly the same as they did 2 years ago." People will play it for a long time, no doubt, but I reckon it will alienate some people by being almost exactly the same game. Also, no Spec Ops that I've seen, so fuck that game.

People will go to BF3, no doubt, but it's not what everyone wants. It's a tactical shooter, and sometimes people want to run and gun like in CoD. It will probably struggle to have a community on consoles after a while compared to MW3, you're right. But, it will have a way bigger following on PC than I reckon some people believe. Again, no Spec Ops, but that's more understandable.

I reckon it's going to be hard to predict how these games will fare. Who knows, maybe everyone will go for Gears instead, which would be mad.

brodyitis's picture


You just laid down the trump card. Your move internet.

@Boss Kowbel

Funniest comment so far.


I appreciate the incomprehensible wall of text, thank you.

@Pretty much everyone else

This wasn't meant to invoke a flame war; (even though I fully expected it to) it was meant to invoke conversation about the industry in general. How long will the FPS genre stay at the top? How well (If at all) do these games benefit from all this trash talk? Things like that deserve to be talked about on more than just podcasts.

Xlion's picture

As long as Call of Duty games are released, they're going to sell better than anything else, just because of the hordes of dumb kids who buy it just because it's Call of Duty. Trust me, I go to school with several of them. Because a new release hits stores the same day every year, it's marketed perfectly to kids with the attention span of rodents. As soon as they get sick of one game, there's a new one to buy.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Awesome. Brodyitis is actually recognizing that at a first glance his username looks like brodytits

brodyitis's picture


I chose this as my gamertag about 2 years ago. It was originally meant to be pronounced brody it is. Everybody pronounced it brodyitis (Like a disease) and more recently Brody Tits. 

Reid Wildenhaus's picture


I see. Well, I never really expected to have the nickname of rvbfreak (it actually comes from my first email address), but it stuck. Looks like yours will stick too.

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As long as cheaters can cheat/glitch in CoD, it will sell. While I am a fan of the game, I prefer games like BF:BC 1 & 2, as well as Medal of Honor for multiplayer. As far as I can tell, there's no cheating/glitching, etc, which makes it more fun for me to play. Last time I played Black Ops, I got shot from across the map, through at least 3 buildings, while the killcam showed my gamertag with the shooter facing a wall (this was on Xbox 360).

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