Brodyitis' Uncharted 3 Multiplayer First Impressions

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The Gameplay

Uncharted is known as one of the best single player franchises in gaming. It's known for Nathan Drake's acrobatics, wall climbing, and his ability to commit mass genocide while getting the girl. It's known for having a great story and dialogue that really makes you care about the characters. That being said, it should come as no surprise that the multiplayer does not live up to that legacy at all. It isn't terrible, but the game's controls don't fit very well into a multiplayer game. They feel okay, but whenever you get in close the reticle moves far to slowly to keep up with your opponent and the fight just becomes an anti climactic and downright stupid looking melee battle. The game also has overpowered weapon unlocks, which mean that you will spend a lot of time dying to weapons and perks that you can't unlock yet. And finally, Uncharted 3 does not have dedicated servers. This is the biggest flaw with consoles and I hoped that Naughty Dog would break the trend and actually decide to support what otherwise, seems like a tacked on game mode. The developers stated that they wouldn't put in dedicated servers because they wanted to support the game for a long period of time, but in my opinion if you don't have dedicated servers, than you never supported your game to begin with. Overall, the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.


The Content

There are about five different game modes in Uncharted 3's multiplayer, however they all feel about the same when you get into them. There are both team and free for all deathmatch modes which strip the game down to killing a certain amount of enemies to win. There are two identical objective modes (I honestly can't tell the difference between them) which have you capturing the enemies an objective and bringing it back to your spawn. And There is a mode called Hardcore which is a variation on team deathmatch, where there are no kickbacks (a.k.a kill streaks) and they increased the amount of health of the players. There really isn't much here, but maybe the game will have more at launch, but to be honest, the lack of modes wouldn't matter that much if there was one mode that I really enjoyed playing.




The Graphics

The graphics look great. I am only running this game at 720p and I am still being blown away by the lighting and overall quality of the character models. The environments in multiplayer are not spectacular, except for the moving train level, but I am still amazed at the visuals. If the single player campaign looks any better, than this game could rival Gears of War 3 for the title of best looking console game.


Overall First Impressions

The game's multiplayer seems just as tacked on as it was in the last iteration of the series. The shooting works alright, and the platforming is probably the only thing that makes the multiplayer in this game stand out, but a lack of dedicated servers, overpowered weapon unlocks, and slow controls are problems that just heap on to what it already a lackluster multiplayer offering. 

Josh Kowbel's picture

I heard you need an online pass to play the multiplayer if you do not buy the game new. Did you need to shell out ten dollars after getting your code from Subway?

Great first impressions by the way. I never even bothered to try out the beta. Uncharted has always been about the single-player, first and foremost, but maybe I will give the online a chance.

brodyitis's picture

@Boss Kowbel

The code gives you free access to the multiplayer with a purchase of a Subway sandwich, chips, or a 30 oz. drink. You don't have to pay any more than that.

Adam Page's picture

Seeing how fantastic the last game's simple multiplayer was this version appears to be tacked on yet bloated with all the CoD gubbins that we really didn't need when the best thing about the multiplayer in Among Thieves was the Co-op missions

michaelkirschner's picture

I just can't imagine that anyone would want to play multiplayer in an Uncharted game

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