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This game has an interesting premise. You can play as a soldier of one of two factions, the Security and the Resistance. What makes this game stand out from the crowd is the fact that this game compels you to not just play the campaign cooperatively, but competitively. This would have worked if this game had an actual campaign. Sadly though, this game's cutscenes don't offer any real story, just situations and objectives. This is made even clearer by the fact that you can enter any campaign match that you want from the very start.

In all there are about eight multiplayer maps with very specific objectives assigned to each of them. There is no choosing gametypes and then being assigned a map for that specific mode. This makes every experience with any specific map feel almost exactly the same. Not once after playing a map did I think "Wow I can't wait to do that again," Overall this game just can't help feeling repetitive. 

I also have to mention the SMART (Smooth movement across random terrain) system which is very intuitive. With the SMART system you move very fluidly across the relatively well designed maps. This may just be the one bright spot of this game.





This game looks good in screenshots, but is surprisingly poor in motion. The combination of overly saturated textures and motion blur look absolutely terrible when your actually playing the game. That combined with the fast nature of the game is absolutely vomit inducing. And that isn't the worst part about the presentation. This game absolutely chugs. Some games will be fine, but other games are full of horrible lag that will turn this fast paced shooter into a slideshow.


This isn't just a screenshot. This is a demonstration of the framerate that you will experience in laggy online games.




In years past there have been many good multiplayer shooters to come out on XBLA for $15. Battlefield 1943, Blacklight: Tango Down, and Monday Night Combat, just to name a few. Brink, on the other hand, cost $60 and the online isn't as reliable as some of those games listed above. This game has almost no replay value. There are player skins to unlock, but it really isn't worth it to replay the same map with the same objective over and over again.




This game had an interesting premise, but it just isn't worth the price of admission. That's why Brink gets a...


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It looked so good but, has got numerous poor reviews

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It was very disappointing. Hopefully someone will capitalize on this concept in the future.

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Good review, although a little short for my tastes. I agree that the game is terrible. Interesting premise, poor execution. I look forward to reading what you review next.

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@Boss Kowbel

I decided to do more of a brief synopsis than a full blown article, but I'll think my next review will be more in depth.

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