Bioware Announces Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3

Bioware Pulse Casey Hudson Interview


That's right. Like it or not Mass Effect 3 will include both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.  The multiplayer modes will be designed by Bioware Montreal, so the single player mode shouldn't be negatively affected by the addition of multiplayer, but that won't stop rabid fanboys. This move will make some gamers happy, and even more gamers furious.

What is your take on multiplayer in Mass Effect? I personally don't care, but I would like to hear your opinions. 

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Actually, Hudson answers some of those questions in that video. He said that a seperate studio, Bioware Montreal, is developing the multiplayer, and that the co-op campaign will run parallel to the offline campaign. If you do well in co-op, your main cannon character will recieve a better ending.

I'm curious if co-op is solely about asset defense (port planets, resource slaves) or if there'll be any sabotage type missions which Shepard seems to be doing a lot of in ME3's campaign (Destroying Heretic Geth base, stealing female krogan etc.) 

I'm excited to play as a Hanar Vanguard though.

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Thanks, I didn't notice him saying that the first time I watched this.

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At least it won't be some Deathmatch BS.

I like the prospect of the Co-Op a lot more because it gives the game a bit more depth instead of it being a single player experience.

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