A Movie Per Day: Weekly Round Up #4

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Day #22 Rush Hour 3

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Rush Hour 3 is a poor version of the previous two movies. The plot twists were the same as the first two films and the gags are repeated constantly. I'm not saying the previous two Rush Hour movies were masterpieces, but at least they they weren't all too familiar.

2/5 Stars (Barely Watchable)







Day #23 Paranormal Activity 2

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Paranormal Activity 2 is a much more watchable, yet much less memorable version of it's predecessor. I actually wasn't completely bored to tears for the first hour of setup and the characters weren't nearly as annoying as they were in the first film. However, the fact that this film is nearly identical to the original and the fact that it's highs aren't nearly the expertly crafted highs of the first, makes you wonder why this movie was even made at all. Then of course, you see the box office numbers and say, "Oh, that's why."

2/5 Stars (Barely Watchable)






Day #24 No Review











Day #25 Daft Punk's Electroma

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Electroma is one of the hardest types of movies to review because I absolutely enjoyed it, but there's almost nobody I would suggest it to. There are some absolutely incredible scenes, that let you feel them on an emotional level, instead of telling you how to feel. There is very strange, but well fitting music that creates a somber and lonely ambiance that you don't see very often, but this film is not without it's follies. There are multiple scenes that take far too long too develop and the short one hour fourteen minute run time still tends to wear out it's welcome. I love this movie. I think that the waiting makes the special scenes even more special, but if you don't have a lot of patience for extremely symbolic, slow paced movies with no dialogue and you don't mind that a movie starring Daft Punk doesn't have any Daft Punk songs in it, than I would, still hesitantly, suggest that you watch Electroma.




Day #26 No Review











Day #27 Interstella 5555

Full Review Here

Iterstella 5555 is a music video, but for an entire album. (Discovery by Daft Punk) It's concepts are fun and it does a great job of capturing Daft Punk's music. There are some needless scenes and your enjoyment of this movie is completely dependent on your love of Daft Punk. Either way, this movie is a pretty easy decision. If you like Daft Punk, than watch it. If you don't like daft Punk, than you've already made your decision.

3/5 Stars (Watchable)






Day #28 The Room

Full Review Here

I never mean unwatchable in a literal sense. Obviously, I watched the movie in it's entirety. What I mean when I say "Unwatchable" is that the movie has no redeeming qualities. Literally everything about The Room is bad. The acting, the direction, the production, and the writing. (All of which, Tommy Weseau had a hand in.) And no, "It's so bad that it's good" is not a redeeming quality.

1/5 Stars (Unwatchable)







The movie of the week is...


Daft Punk's Electroma

It's incredibly slow, but I actually loved it. It only got three stars because there is almost nobody I would suggest it to.


The Last in the A Movie Per Day Series

It was fun while it lasted, but this series has monopolized too much of my time. On the bright side, this will free me up to post more video game reviews (I have not posted one since Call of Duty MW3 came out) and I still plan on doing the occasional movie review.

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I liked this series and its a shame it ended, but understandably i can see why it would take up time. Still a fan :D

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Thanks man.

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