A Movie Per Day: Weekly Round Up #3

The Reviews

Day #15 Paranormal Activity

Full Review Here

Paranormal Activity was a boring slog from the start and continued boring me for about an hour before it actually started to pick up. Once it picked up, the film became very watchable and then ended with a climax that almost made up for the horribly boring first two thirds of it... but not quite.

2/5 Stars (Barely Watchable)










Day #16 Ip Man

Full Review Here

Ip Man is a fascinating film. It's ability to have ludicrous action scenes, that still seem somewhat believable. It's ability to have so many characters, and yet, still make all of them meaningful. And it's ability to hit you hard on an emotional level, while still portraying everything in a way that transcends melodrama, to bring you real human emotion. The ending was somewhat expected, and this film is a tad bit too implausible to be 100 percent based in reality, but if you're looking for more than the average Kung Fu action movie, than I strongly suggest watching Ip Man.

4/5 Stars (Very Watchable)







Day #17 No Review

I couldn't find the time.












Day #18 The Grey

Full Review Here

The Grey is a great take on survival movies. The dread of all of the characters is palpable and the performance of Liam Neeson is one of the best he has ever given. There are some probability issues and the ending is a very polarizing one, but if you wan't to see a great thriller, than you should go see The Grey.

4/5 Stars (Very Watchable)











Day #19 The Last Exorcism

Full Review Here

The presentation was incredible, the acting was believable, and the movie's take on religion was unexpectedly smart. The reason that The Last Exorcism, gets such a poor score is entire based on the ending. It's not that it doesn't clear up anything. It's because it completely undermines everything that made the film special in the first place.

2/5 Stars (Barely Watchable)










Day #20 Trick R' Treat

Full Review Here

Trick R' Treat is a fun, corny horror movie with, generally terrible acting. The ending however, was fun and satisfying enough to make everything worth it. It's not winning any awards, but what do you expect from a horror movie from a first time director?

3/5 Stars (Watchable)










Day #21 Memento

Full Review Here

Memento is interesting in a few different ways. It's main character's short term memory loss, becomes the crux of the plot development, the "back to front" sequencing leaves you wondering what happened before, not what will happen next, and the ending is actually, both surprising and fulfilling. However, Memento isn't just interesting, it's astounding.

5/5 Stars (Must Watch)






The movie of the week is...



It's official, if Christopher Nolan directs it, I watch it. Memento is one of the best movies I have ever seen.


New Review Rubric

I've decided that just simply saying how many stars something gets wasn't specific enough, so I decided to add key words to make my scoring system more understandable. The list is as follows.

1/5 Stars (Unwatchable)

This score is for the worst of the worst, movies with no redeeming qualities. 

2/5 Stars (Barely Watchable)

This score is for movies that are generally terrible with few redeeming qualities.

3/5 Stars (Watchable)

This score is for movies that are good, but not quite great.

4/5 Stars (Very Watchable)

This score is for movies that I enjoyed, but I wouldn't suggest it to everyone.

5/5 Stars (Must Watch)

This Score is for movies that I would suggest to absolutely anyone. 



I'm always looking for more suggestions for movies to review. This week, I wan't to review an absolutely horrendous movie. Give me your suggestions for terrible movies to review and I'll review them until I finally find a movie, that's worthy of only one star.

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I knew you would like memento :D

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Might be hard to find but  there's an early anime that is worth watching called Spirited Away .

or Mongol

or Kung Fu Hustle

or maybye This is England

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I've already seen Spirited away.

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