A Movie Per Day: Weekly Round Up #2

The Reviews

Day #8 Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog is a creative, fun, and witty musical but the acting is by far the best part. Neil Patrick Harris shines as the awkward villain and brings up everyone else's performance up with him. The ending isn't the best but everything else was too good for that to mater as much as it would otherwise.

4/5 Stars









Day #9 I Saw The Devil

I Saw the Devil is a another action movie about a man on a quest for revenge. There's great acting throughout and the action scenes are very enjoyable because of their simplicity. However, I Saw the Devil is just a bit too cliched to be considered great.

3/5 Stars












#10 The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days is half drama, half action movie. The dramatic first half of the film is absolutely horrendous but the second half extremely action packed and was just enough to make it all come together.

3/5 Stars











Day #11 The Chaser

This was a film that sort of snuck up on me. Not in the sense that I didn't notice it but rather, in the sense that I didn't enjoy it while watching it as much as I enjoyed it's conclusion. Perhaps it was my fault for not sitting back and allowing the film to explain itself. Maybe it was because of my disdain for unlikable main characters but whatever the case, know that the conclusion to this movie is worth every lasting second of it. If you don't believe me during the film, you will definitely believe me at it's finale.

4/5 Stars









Day #12 Black Snake Moan

The biggest problem with this movie as just how badly that Craig Brewer (the director) want's to control your emotions. If a scene is meant to be sad, it becomes drenched in melodrama because he want's to make sure that you get it. This makes for very effected acting and poorly conceived emotional draws that become absolutely meaningless.

2/5 Stars









Day #13 Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is entertaining but only is the most shallow way possible. It looks nice, except for the CG version of Jeff Bridges, and sounds even better. The action was solid and the ending was satisfying. It starts off poorly, the acting isn't the best, and there are a lot of unnecessary scenes but if you want to turn off your brain and look at pretty lights for two hours, than I would suggest watching Tron: Legacy.

3/5 Stars









Day #14 The Fighter

The thing that makes The Fighter so great is that it seamlessly depicts real world drama without coming off too strong. Melodrama is easy; it takes true artistry to create conflict in a realistic way that makes every character feel real. Usually I would recommend a dramatic film to fans of the genre but this time it's different. Literally any fan of cinema should watch The Fighter.

5/5 Stars







The movie of the week is...


The Fighter

I've never seen drama portrayed so realistically.



I need more suggestions for movie reviews. Keep it up!

Diksickle's picture

I really enjoy reading this blog every week, i am also a fan of movies and like to read your opinions on movies i have also seen. I want to recommend a movie which you probably have seen, its Christopher Nolans first movie, "Momento". 

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You got it.

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If you're into martial arts movies and have Netflix, I recommend Ip Man. 

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check out:

way of the dragon

sex lies and videotape


@Diksickle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Following

Diksickle's picture

Haha, FAIL!!!

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Have a look at L4yer Cake, stars daniel craig

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Requiem: For a Dream it isn't streaming on Netflix but I strong movie portraying the dangers and effects of drugs great film personally . And I look forward to these everyday so keep them up!

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