A Movie Per Day: Weekly Round Up #1

The Reviews

Day #1 Mary and Max 5/5 Stars 

Full Review Here

Mary and Max is one of the most moving movies I have seen in a long time. Very few movies make you care about the characters as much as this one does and even fewer have an ending that will stick with you as well as Mary and Max's ending will. The movie achieves this by using the letters to give you perspective on the Character's backgrounds. The Director/Writer (Adam Elliot) and Narrator (Barry Humphries) both do an excellent job in presenting the characters in a very charming, matter of fact way that that makes the characters and the ending all the more meaningful.







Day #2 Wrist Cutters A Love Story 4/5 Stars 

Full Review Here

This is a wonderfully dark comedy. I never expected to have such a melancholy type of movie to cheer up the way this one did. If you are in least bit interested in dark humor, than you need to watch Wrist Cutters A Love Story











Day #3: Cashback 4/5 Stars

Full Review Here

Cashback is a very interesting comedy with funny characters, great dialogue, and has excellent use of art throughout. While it can verge on pretentious and even slightly perverted at times, this is still an excellent movie for any fan of smart comedy.











Day #4 True Grit 4/5 Stars

Full Review Here

This movie is rife with tension and drama and everything is pulled off extremely well. Jeff Bridges steals the show as Rooster Cogburn and the rest of the actors feed off of him extremely well. The dialogue can be a bit stilted and forced, and True Grit does fall into cliched territory at times, but make no mistake, this is a fantastic movie and you would be doing yourself a disservice by missing it.









Day #5 The Parking Lot Movie 4/5 Stars

Full Review Here

The Parking lot movie is a very interesting take on the American working class, as well as a funny story about a group of friends with a seemingly crappy job. The people are delightful, the boss is wonderfully eccentric, and the movie as a whole is both funny and oddly humbling. If you have any interest in documentaries, than be sure to watch The Parking Lot Movie.










Day #6 Oldboy (Korean With Subs) 5/5 Stars

Full Review Here

I have never seen an action movie that is such a masterful piece of art. Oldboy isn't just a fantastic "action" movie. It's one of the greatest movies that I have ever seen. There are multiple conflicts within our troubled protaganist and the ending is top notch. Usually, here I would say something like, If you like action movies than you owe it to yourself to watch Oldboy but honestly, if you like art or movies in general, than you need to watch Oldboy.








Day #7 Red State 2/5 Stars

Full Review Here

Red State just doesn't deliver on it's promises and that's a shame, because their was a lot of potential here. You have an excellent actor in John Goodman and a premise that deals with religion in a way that isn't seen all that often in theaters. Sadly though, this movie is just to poorly executed. Kevin Smith's heavy handed approach in dealing with the subject matter, his poor casting decisions, and the complete lack of any likable characters absolutely ruined what could have been an excellent film.





The Movie of the Week is Oldboy

Oldboy won movie of the week because I have never seen anything like it. I would highly recommend this to just about anyone... If they aren't apposed to reading subtitles, that is. 



I need suggestions to keep me going, so if there is any movie at all that you wan't to see me review than just put it in the comments section below. I'll be a good sport and review a bad movie but please, be merciful as far as length is concerned.

jreinKs's picture

Question: How did you pick these movies? They seem random

brodyitis's picture


Oldboy was suggested, the rest were random movies on Netflix.

conboydude's picture

I like this post alot, being as most are Netflix I don't have to go out of my way to watch them. I have seen most of these just bored looking through movies. Now im certain these are well worth the time thanks!!!

dalton32389's picture

if you do netflix dvds than i recommend "closer" with portman and roberts. i'm not sure it's instant.

Diksickle's picture

I suggest for action fuelled movie you watch "the rock" on netflix, you've probably already seen it as it is a classic nic cage movie. I also recommend "the next three days", it stars russell crowe and elizabeth banks. Its on netlix, at first i thought it would be a fast paced thriller, but it was actually a really good drama, mixed in with some action. 

brodyitis's picture

@dalton32389 and diksickle

thanks for the suggestions. Reviews will go up this week.

jreinKs's picture

OK, I would recommend American History X, it's a fantastic racial drama

Scumbagb3n's picture

Anything by the Cohen Bros or Stanley Kubrick is good. I found the Rum Diary to be an excellent comedy.

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