How To Bulk Import Achievements

If you are interested in adding a large number of achievements for a game on the site, you could do it by manually adding each achievement individually via the sites' add achievement system. However, there is now a system in place to add these achievements at once en masse. It may seem complicated, but really it is quite simple once you get going. There are just a few rules about when to do this and how to format your list. 

When Can I Use This Bulk Importer Method?


You can only use this method under the following conditions:

  1. The site must not already have an achievements page with achievements on it for the game you wish to submit against.

This one actually has two important parts to it. The first part is straight forward and makes sense in that you can not already have an achievements page for your game with part or all of the achievements listed. This import system is not designed to be a way of mass updating a list, like when DLC is released. Sorry, but in those cases you just have to manually add the DLC achievements via the sites add achievement mechanism.

The second part is a little more subtle. While you can not have an achievements page with any achievements on it, you still need to have an achievements page! In other words, you need to ensure that the game you are adding achievements for has a blank achievements page. For example, suppose you decide to add the achievements list for the game "Super Badass Shooter 3" (<- trade mark!). You go to the game page and see that there are three Guides and a Wiki page, but no page listed for Achievements. You would then need to add an Achievements List via the site's add Achievement List button for "Super Badass Shooter 3". Once you have done that, the game now has a blank achievements list listed with the Guides and Wiki links. It is typically best to do this right before you submit your achievement list for uploading, but more on that below.

  1. You are submitting the entire list of achievements for the game.

Sorry, but no partial list submissions. Since this is a one time deal, it is best to take advantage of this by adding all of the achievements, that way it takes less work to add additional achievements manually. Now, obviously, DLC can come out later with additional achievements and we still want to have those in the list. So this rule applies to the game at the time of your submission.  So again, taking the example from before, let us say that you submit all 30 achievements for "Super Badass Shooter 3" and then a week later, DLC is released with 4 new achievements. That is fine. At the time you submitted, you had all possible achievements listed. Now to add those new 4 achievements, you just have to add them manually. 


Enough Jibba Jabba - What Do I Do?


Achievement List Spread Sheet


The first part is creating the achievement list spread sheet, which lists all of the achievements for the game and their details. Now if you don't know what a spread sheet is, then just substitute the words "Microsoft Excel file", and we should all be on the same page. This spread sheet needs to have a specially formatted header row, which I will explain below, and starting from left to right, needs to be in this order and be named the EXACT same:

  1. Achievement Name

This is the name of the achievement. These are generally expected to be unique names for a game, but there has been the rare scenrio where a game has two achievements with the same name. In this rare event, please use different capitalization to distinguish the two achievements. 

  1. Achievement Description

This is the short, one sentence description that will display below the achievement name. This is usually the description given by the game once you unlock it. If the description is vague or needs additional commenting, you can add a comment to it later after it is uploaded on the site. 

  1. Achievement Value

This is the value of the achievement. Mostly this applies to XBox games and translates to the gamer score value. As of this posting, there is not a system in place for the scenerio of a PS3 exlusive game which only has trophies. 

  1. Game Name

Ths is the name of the game that the achievements are for. This MUST be the name as it appears on WikiGameGuides on the game's page, including punctuation, not as it appears on the actual game. For instance, "Fable II" is how the game is officially named, but on WikiGameGuides, the game page has it as "Fable 2". You would use the "Fable 2" version as your value in the spread sheet.

  1. Achievement Icon

This is optional. If you do not want to provide the icons, you do not have to and it can be blank. If you do have the icons, then you need to provide the file name of the icon, without any path information in it. For example, if your achievement file is located at "C:\Game\Achievements\num12.jpg", you would put "num12.jpg" as your value for the icon name. For details on getting the icon images submitted, see the next section.

  1. Parent

The value here will always be the the word "Achievements" without the quotes. The reason for this is technical, but it should be there.

  1. Secret?

This field is a number field that should only have the value of 0 or 1 in it and denotes if the achievement is a secret or not. 0 = not a secret achievement, 1 = yes, this is a secret achievement. 


As a final example to wrap all of this up, here is a sample of a few achievements and how they should look:

Example of a Formatted Achievements List Spread Sheet
Achievement Name Achievement Description Achievement Value Game Name Achievement Icon Parent Secret?
First One! First achievement in the game 10 Super Badass Shooter 3 2344-1.jpg Achievements 0
Can You Keep a Secret Example of a secret achievement 30 Super Badass Shooter 3 secret.jpg Achievements 1


One fine note to wrap up, if you wish to submit for multiple games, please create an individual spread sheet for each game. While you could combine them into a single file, it makes things easier logistically. 

Sending the Achievement List


Once you have completed your list, you will need to send it to Beer_Baron or post a comment in the Achievements Section in the Forum under the Bulk Import Achievements thread with links to your files. 

You can make your list available via Google Docs, Open Office, or

Google Docs Note:

If you use google docs, you can specify which persons can view your documents by sharing them. Right click and go to Share.. -> Share Settings and you can put Beer_Baron's email address in the people box. Then select the option to send an email notification and you are good.

Open Office Note:

Please save your document as a CSV file. Then upload or email as you would normally. A CSV file, for those that do not know, is just a file that uses commas to separate data, and makes it so that almost any basic text editor can read the file. 


Sending Achievement Icons


If you wish to send achievement icons, you need to package them into a compressed file. Place all of the icons into a .zip or .rar compression file and send it via email or upload to and post a link in the achievements forum thread or in an email to Beer_Baron.


DLC Achievements

DLC can now be added via the bulk import method (as of the end of March 2011). The process is exactly the same as if you were creating a list for a new game; meaning you need a separate list for the DLC achievements. Just structure your list the same as for a new game and denote that the list is for the game's DLC.


To Sum Up


Really the formatting is the key, and once you get going it is not so bad. If you are attaching achievement icons, then you submitting two emails/links; one for the achievement list and one for the icons compression file.

Keep this in mind when you are adding a new game to the site. It makes adding the achievements much simpler. This importing system has had most of the kinks worked out, but there could be some bumps down the road. Be sure to check the Achievements forum thread for updates, or back here as I will update when changes occur. 

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My email is johntarrjr (at) gmail (dot) com for those submitting spreadsheets.

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How does this work with trophies?

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Working on a trophies solution...I'll update the forum post when I get it figured out.

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