Angry Birds - The Birds

Red Bird

The Red Bird is the most common of the Angry Birds. They have no special powers, and can easily break through glass and shatter long and slim wooden materials. Just aim, pull and fly.


Blue Bird

This awesome little guy, the Blue Bird is also referred to as the Replicate Bird. Once launched, and while in-flight, you can tap again to split the Blue Bird into multiple smaller birds. This bird is good for breaking through glass blocks and works well in your favor when pushing material around.


Yellow Bird

With above-average strength, the Yellow Bird has the ability to dash. Again, once airborne, a tap will give this cute guy a speed boost. They can easily pierce wood. The Yellow Bird is weak against ice which is strange since ice is usually not as strong as wood.


Black Bird

The Black Bird is the strongest Angry Bird. Upon landing he destroys what he hits, and then explodes, doing more damage. As a special bomber bird, everything in the immediate area is obliterated.


White Bird

The White Bird has the special skill of dropping an egg while in-flight. Once the egg impacts an object, it explodes destroying things in the area. With the egg-bomb, you are able to pinpoint specific targets to bomb with this bird.


Green Bird

The Green Bird is also known as the Boomerang Bird. Once you launch your Green Bird, they are able to change direction mid-flight. This makes this bird very useful in getting to the hard to reach places. The Green Bird can easily destroy wood and glass, but has trouble with rock.


Big Brother Bird

The Big Brother Bird is your WMD, or Weapon of Mass Destruction! Anything and everything in this bird’s path is destroyed. This larger bird is the strongest and is an absolute wrecker.


Blu and Jewel

The newest birds added to the Angry Birds flock is Blu and Jewel. You probably know these characters from the movie, Rio, and together they have a great amount of strength. They are featured in the Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley update.


Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is a special in-app purchase that reigns mass destruction. Upon launching a can of sardines at the pigs and structures, the Mighty Eagle drops from the sky and destroys everything. Using the Mighty Eagle is a way to pass any particular level.

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