Youtube Finally Comes to PS3

This afternoon a dedicated Youtube app was released for the Playstation 3 for users in the United States. This app is the first solid release for PS3 users to watch Youtube videos the way they’re meant to be watched. Videos can be watched in up 720p high definition instead of the awful 240p quality that was present when viewing with the PS3 internet browser. This app is solid, a little late but solid. It allows user to sign in to their Youtube accounts and view their subscriptions, personal uploads, favorites and all the other video options currently on Youtube. Along with that users will be able to use their smart phone as a remote to select/control videos and display them on the TV via the PS3 just like an i phone connected to an Apple TV.

Sadly for some reason though the app does not allow users to watch movie via crackle’s youtube channel. It says that users are not able to play content because apparently the PS3 is not an authorized platform. Which is very odd since Crackle is a free video service that is on the PS3′s internet browser homepage. The app has some other flaws, there is no way to view user channels or sort through their videos. Users will have to keep on scrolling through videos to reach older content, since most recent videos display first. Overall the app is solid and can use some more work on it. It would be nice to see an option to view Youtube analytics and even upload videos directly from the PS3 hard drive. Sony says they will be releasing the app in other countries soon and hopefully will continue improving on the app. As for now I think I can speak for Playstation users and say we are just glad we have something on the PS3 that plays Youtube videos well.

Here's a quick look of the Youtube app (shitty cellphone quality)

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