#XboxReveal's Biggest Disappointments

I watched the entire #XboxReveal conference on Tuesday and cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I was. Like most of you, I let myself be convinced that Microsoft was going to announce mega-exclusive deals for the new hardware, as well as reveal a ton of surprises that none of us could have expected. Instead of feeling excited once, I was devestated. Here are my biggest complaints.

I Don't Know What "Hardware" Means

When Microsoft announced that they would be showing off the next-generation Xbox I, like most of you, just assumed that "hardware" meant "software." Oops. It was an honest mistake. I mean, when companies say they are going to do something, I naturally expect them to do something completely different. I wanted to see games at this event, not the new Xbox. There are no industry-wide events coming up where video games are shown and announced. What a ripoff.

No New Games Announced

Where were the games, Microsoft? I watched the reveal show three times on Tuesday and didn't see a single video game. I did, however, read on the internet that a few games were indeed shown at the event and publishers announced that most of this year's holiday releases would be released on the Xbox One as well. That's fine, but we already knew about those games. I want to see new IPs with this generation.

Too Many New IP

Microsoft revealed, that in the first year of release, the console would see 8 brand new exclusive IPs. What the hell? I'm not going to buy a console based on new property. I want established franchises launching with my new Xbox.

The Xbox One Does Too Much

The Xbox One should be a video game console first, and a nothing second. This machine does way too much. It's like Microsoft didn't even listen when I complained that the Xbox 360 couldn't keep the twitter app open while I played Halo. My gaming PC can't even run a spreadsheet, Borderlands 2 and Skype at the same time.

TV on My TV, Dawg

Why the hell does Microsoft want the Xbox One to play my cable TV for me? The cable box I have does that already. When watching television and nothing good is on, I will often times play a game on my video game console instead. But where is my television remote? I have to change my inputs. Where did I put it last? Is it between these couch cushions? Where's my Xbox controller? I could swear I had it a minute ago. You know what, screw it. I'll find something to watch anyway. I'm glad this process does not need to be simplified.

Too Many Media Apps

The Xbox 360 already has access to way too many media apps. It’s a video game console for crying out loud. I mean, yeah, every so often I'll catch up on TV shows on Netflix, or rent movies from Amazon, or do both on the HBO Go app, but why the hell would I want to watch these through my Xbox on my big screen television? The Smart TV I don't own already has these features built in.


The games press that I follow on Twitter have led me to believe that I cannot like sports. What is sports even? I know that I like to watch baseball and football, but I am programmed to hate sports. It's not like 3 of the best selling games from 2012 were sports titles. We gamers cannot like sports. End of discussion. No amount of home runs can keep this console from going out of bounds in the net.

So, as you can probably tell, I hate the Xbox One. I usually hate things that aren't out yet. I also hate things I don't have. This is the internet after all. What disappointed you the most about the XBone?

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First three points: E3

Next 3 points: That's how I felt

Final point: I still don't care about sports

I've never been much of a Sony fan, but the Xbox One is making it happen. That's the power of the Xbox. I really like the look of the Xbox though, but that's not nearly enough to get me to buy it. But remember: Your best friend is a dog. Literally the only reason I'm not buying this is because I'll have to pay to play used games.

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On the bright side, they make it easy for you to save money.
(edit: fucked up a word)

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First, the PS3 had no games, and now the Xbox One will have zero games. Oh the irony.

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Dumb analysis, son.

Wait till E3 and you'll see the games.

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Maybe now the new Halogames will come out for the PS4 while Naughty Dog goes X1-exclusive..... ;)

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Heh, people getting trolled

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Just Ryan right now, Zest.

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Couldn't agree more.  It really doesn't matter whether you're a Fanboy of Microsofts Xbox, Sonys Playstation or even someone who has had the pleasure to enjoy both.  We should all hope that both of these next generation systems show off some truly impressive and fun games at E3, so there is at least a choice for those of us who are planning on grabbing one of these 'gaming systems' this holiday season.

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This is exactly how I felt. Anyone who read the Short-Takes this week could probably feel my frustration with the internet's response to the new Xbox, and that people genuinely feel this way makes me lose a little bit of faith in humanity.

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Glad he was trolling and not serious. I went on IGN and all everyone did was bash Xbox and praise Sony. I don't know why. In my opinion the Xbox is better. The play stations 3 UI sucks and the ps vita was a fail. It seems like these indie-game-hipsters hate on what the vast majority likes. Play station 2 was good, but their only competition was Nintendo so it wasn't hard to beat that, but then Xbox came out and Sony and Nintendo can't compete. The dual shock is old its like holding a NES controller and the trigger buttons feel weird and it doesn't vibrate very well either. Lol I bought a ps3 when my old white Xbox broke and I got GTA 4 on it, but the graphics blurred too much and the controller sucked plus the online servers always disconnect as soon as I found a match, anyways returned the ps3 and bought the slim Xbox which is much better and doesn't make that annoying sound that ps3 slim made.

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@Ryan what do you mean Nintendo and PS3 can't compete with Xbox? The Wii has sold 99.84 million units, while the 360 has sold 77.2 million, while the PS3 has sold a 77 million. Obviously, Nintendo is still on top. If you want to compare farther back, then Sony is on top with the PS2 having sold 155 million units.

Once the PS4 and Xbox One come out who knows what'll happen with the three companies, but the Wii U saw a 350% increase in sales on Amazon UK after the Xbox One was announced. That was pretty funny.

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@MarioDragon not to mention sales for the PS3 and 360 are pretty neck and neck, despite Microsoft's year head start on the market.

I'm worried that Microsoft is getting too cocky. After the runaway success the PS2 had, Sony was clearly riding high on its success when they thought people would pay six hundred dollars for a PS3 because they told us to. With the 360 being a bit more of an icon of the generation, Microsoft seems to be headed down the same path.

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Good points man, I just think that the games will be a lot better on Xbox one and ps4 than the wii u. Also now that Xbox one will have more exclusives is a plus. The only thing that I agree with is it sucks that Xbox has an online fee, but the online experience is much better so its not too bad. Sorry for being mean to Sony earlier. Both are good. I still have my original play station hooked up even. I just like Xbox more now. Ever since I played *shocker* halo

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