Xbox One Press Conference Drink Along

Which name do you like better: Xboxone (Italian style) or Xbozone?

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Xboxone first and foremost.

What I took from the Xbox One reveal was that it did a lot of really useful/handy things for watching TV, Movies and what not.  But will I pay hundreds of dollars for that?  Nope.  However,  I did really enjoy hearing about the 15 exclusives.  I really hope they make some good ones so one day I can actually think about stealing one of these things.

E3 will definitely be the scale to truly weigh these the PS4 and Xboxone in regards to gaming.  While I also think Sony has the big lead (so far) ,  I do hope Microsoft brings some good competition.

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Microsoft didn't talk about how they will charge for using a game disc instead of downloading games online. 8 cores are more difficult to cool down, what are they doing to cool their system? I have never forgot about the overheating problem on the 360, I went through 4 RROD and a Disc drive failure. Why should I trust a company that said yeah we know there is a major defect with the 360 but its not our problem, and if this happens to you send us $120 and we will repair it. WTF. You guys did a great job though filtering through Microsoft's bullshit

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Is the NHL really that unimportant? I always thought it was # 2. Is that because canadian teams are such big players in it?

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After having seen the Xbox One abbreviated as "XBone" a number of times online, the only nickname that now comes to mind for it is the "XBoner."

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The reason that most games of this gen looked better on the 360 than on PS3 is not because of the hardware. It´s because most games were developed in the 360 and ported to the PS3. It was easier to program for the 360 than PS3.

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Really enjoyed listening to your thoughts on the conference. 

As far as a console goes it looks promising. The design is absolutely fine in my eyes. It's what I picture an x-"BOX" to look like, a box! Besides i love simplicity and succinct designs. The specs are what we thought they would be, which is shaping up to be a powerful machine. 

I agree with you 100% they messed up on the pitch of the console, selling it as the ONE machine to rule them all yet using other devises to show off its features. 

Lack of detail at these conferences doesn't bother me because naturally all information shall be released closer and closer to launch. I've been ready for a new console for the last 3 years, I can wait a little longer to know the price and see game play footage etc. 

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I preferred reddit's Xbox Infinity idea. It would have looked so much better, in terms of marketing.

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