WikiGameGuides StarCraft 2 Tournament Begins 8PM EST / 7PM CST / 5PM PST

Link to stream:

For a countdown to the event, go to:

Join chatroom WGG on SC2 to chat with other competitors.

Dan Broadbent's picture

You realize you left out the most important timezone in the US

bip267's picture

Dan they left out more than one important time zone. They left out mine and Sangyerians.

MrDudeMan's picture

Had lots of fun at the tournament (even though I was eliminated in the third round). Next time ill be sure to beat Ares. 

ZestfulClown's picture

Awesome, tuning in right as Panthion won, good job BTW

Reakson's picture

wow good job, bit slow first few matches but the last were good. oh and next time would you please post Cet as well. thanks

ExplicitDQ's picture

That vacuum was funny as hell!

Humankillerx's picture

The vacuum was one of my best moments ever.

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