NGW Current Projects to WGG Compatible Converter

This program goes out to all the long time contributors of NGW. I have created a program which will take your old current projects that you posted on the NGW forums and will make them into a WGG compatible guide post.

The format it will change them into is the exact same as the guides I have been posting.

Read on to download the converter and learn how it works:

1. Take your old current projects post from the NGW current project forums and copy everything BELOW the main header (start with the first section), here's an example:

2. Copy the post into the text box of the program (link to download at the end of this post) and insert the name of the guide (this will be the name of the converted text file):

3. Choose the folder where you want the text file to output then press convert!:

4. Locate the .txt file in your output folder and open it:

5. Now you can easily post this on WGG guides areas, simply copy and paste the different sections. For an example of how I post mine, visit this guide:

You obviously need to edit a few of the small details, but for the most part this gives you a very easily done guide post.

Download Link


Installation Instructions:

  • To install this you must be running a Windows OS
  • To install: unzip the file and run either setup.exe or WGGTextEditor.application
  • Then simply launch the program through your programs folder, its very simple (no downloads of any other programs required)

Notes and Known Issues:

  • Do not press convert multiple times for the same file name as it will cause the files to append, so it will duplicate
  • Titles that end in 2 or 5, usually the case with Part 2 or Part 5 in the end name of the title will cause an issue where you will need to re add the 2 or 5, (fix will be in newer version)
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Minor bug in "WGGTextEditorv1.3", when the focus is lost from the text box or the user minimizes the application and reclicks on the text box the inputed text will clear.

Suggestion: Try and make this a java application. It is multi-OS friendly and can be run inside web browers. Just a suggestion.

Keep up the good work guys!

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What you're experiencing isn't a bug, its completely intentional. If you're copy/paste from NGW there would be no point in having to click the text box more than once, because anything you would need should be exported to a .txt file and the NGW section requires only one copy/paste (any more than that and you're doing something wrong).

If I were to make it a java application I would have to learn java programming. Which I don't know.

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I know some basic java programming; If you were to release the source I could have a look see and, at least, try.

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This index page could probably be made to look a lot better if instead of having this:


You had this:


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