AT&T To Institute 250GB Bandwidth Limits in May

DSL customers who download more than 150 gigabytes of data in a given month will be charged $10 for each extra 50GB used. Users of its "U-verse" fiber product will be charged if they exceed 250GB in a given month.

What this really amounts to is another money making scheme. AT&T claims that the average usage is 18GB, and that only 2% of people actually use more than 250GB, but if that were true, that number would have no effect on their bottom line, hence another ponsie scheme.

Especially concerning those who frequent this website, I bet that we all eat up bandwidth uploading videos and watching Youtube videos. I urge everyone to discourage this by switching from U-Verse. Our family is already highly considering switching to Version FIOS/TV and dropping U-Verse. I urge everyone to consider doing the same to discourage this greedy practice by internet providers.


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Cry me a river.

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AT&T is blech. I have 3ish dropped calls a day and constantly use service in Detroit.

Same goes for comcast. I guess you won't always get the best from government owned/backed services though, like AmTrack or whatever its called. Worst travel experience I have ever had...

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Humankillerx if I remember correctly weren't Canadians the ones that got their legislature to demolish the bill that would force internet providers to charge bandwidth caps? You were the ones crying the river a few months ago.

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He's saying you guys are whining about a 150 gb cap, while in canada the caps are much harsher. Not to mention you get charged $1 for every gb you go over.

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Dam you U-Verse. All they want is our Money.

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Unless you are streaming video every night and downloading an entire 40 episode TV series in HD, I just don't see how you can go through 250GB in a month. Try living in the UK where BT can charge you 29.99 a month for a package that has only a 10Gb bandwidth limit and charge you £1 for every Gb over that limit.

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Bandwidth caps will stifle entrepreneurial business innovations. Steam/Netflix were probably ripping their hair out when the Canadian ISP (Rogers?) announced their insanely low bandwidth caps.

 I just don't see how you can go through 250GB in a month

Try living in an house with 3+ dudes who use computers heavily. Most college kids live in houses with 5+ people. You have no idea how fucked NGW/WGG would be if Comcast actually enforced their 250GB bandwidth cap.

Streaming video is huge and is only going to get bigger. Imagine an extremely complicated surgery being performed by a doctor from the other side of the planet via streaming video. It's possible if cable companies invest in infastructure.

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It is often said that government is in the pocket of big business, that when the needs of the people and the needs of big business conflict that who the government will choose to help will be a pretty easy decision.  Although bandwidth caps will make more money for big internet it will hurt other big businesses like Netflix and Xbox Live.  I wonder how the government will react if big business is both helped and hurt by this practice.

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@Beer_Baron how much do you use in a month?

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It must be horrible to have a limit of usage..

That's mine alone, the others in this house don't use is too much.

(The upload is alot lower than download because the speed is 80kB/s up, and 9xx kB/s down.)

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@Jevrio where did you get that software to monitor your usage?

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