The Milk Thief


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Damn you Carl!

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What the hell did I just read? Carl looks deranged, but the drawings of Dan and John are almost lifelike. Also, Dan now has laser eyes so he no longer needs glasses. Same with John I believe, but his eyes are not of the laser variety. ;)

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That is the weirdest thing I've read in a while...but I love the drawings

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I have the weirdest boner right now...

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this was very entertaining and good, but really random. Is this acceptable for wgg lol? You should try making these drawing into a video, maybe voice over them. Would love to see more of these, maybe some even having to do with WGG contributors.

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Dammit I knew LSD was a bad idea!

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Isn't Milk/Dairy products supposed to be poisonous to dogs? Still, I think we might have a web comic on our hands :S

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The WGG comic! I always knew Carl was kind of an asshole.

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