The Dig™ Quick Overview

So you say you've been playing video games for a while huh? But you've never played The Dig? Well it seems you missed out on another Gem from the PC gaming era of the 1990's. The Dig revolves around three astronauts on a mission to save earth from an asteroid collision. However, what they soon find out what lurks inside is a one way ticket transport to another planet, far, far, away. The Dig is a 2D point and click adventure game much like King's Quest, but with much different attributes. The length, according to your play-style can differ dramatically. The story is unique, thickening with every minute you play through it. You learn about the planet's history, technology, and knowledge. You can purchase it on Steam for $5.00 USD. There is no excuse not to buy it, unless you spent all your money on more than one $50 title that has been re-released two, three, or even four times. As for The Dig, it's was original, released only once, and affordable. Great way to know your roots. Without games like this, the games we have today wouldn't exist. Even though we're all sure some of them shouldn't exist.

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Sounds interesting, I'll check it out. A video or a few screenshots can make a post much more colorful

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